Monday, December 27

Ramping Up Resolve...and FIT TIP (#117)

Just read a timely and inspirational article. It had me at the first sentence:

If you want to eat well or save money but keep falling off the wagon, take heart; You can strengthen self-discipline, just like a muscle.

I fell in love right then and there. Food for thought while thinking about a new know, resolutions/goals. I decided to share a condensed version of the article.

Statement: "I wish I could resist splurges."
Strategy: Shop on a low-stress day. The greater the number of difficult decisions you make, the less willpower you'll have. For example, a morning spent hatching a complex plan at work, is likely to weaken your resolve when it comes to those pricey pumps.
Road Test: If you must run errands when life is nutty, use lists to simplify decision making.

Statement: "I wish I could stay on task."
Strategy: Fuel up to focus. People who eat before a self-control challenge perform better. A breakfast composed of protein and complex carbs, which break down slowly to provide several hours of energy, gives you mental stamina to say no to distractions.
Road Test: Eating a couple of eggs and whole-wheat toast helps with consistency--no fidgety fits and starts.

Statement: "I wish I could maintain a workout routine."
FIT TIP (#117) WILL **to the** POWER
Strategy: Pursuing too many acts of willpower at once makes it tougher to succeed. Better to introduce one new behavior at a time and keep it up for a couple of weeks, so it becomes ingrained, requiring less conscious effort.
Road Test: For two weeks, postpone other healthy initiatives and focus on an exercise program, which gets easier. Soon you've incorporated workouts into your schedule and it's almost a hassle to skip it.
That's not willpower; it's a habit!

Happy New Year, friends!

Words for the Week
"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of." -Benjamin Franklin

Monday, December 20

Fa La La La Facts...and FIT TIP (#116)

Tinsel Time Truths:

1. My **half-priced** Hope is on display **above**.

2. Christmas is **only** 5 days away AND...

3. I do not have to step foot into another store between now and then. **I am ready!** BUT...

4. I will be stepping into a few more stores, for "extras". That's how I roll. **year after year**

5. I watched "White Christmas" yesterday. **a seasonal must, for me** Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen dance the DWTS pros under the table!

6. I have been singing "Sisters, Sisters" for the past 24 hours. **thank you, Rosemary Clooney and W.C. cast** Also fact, I have 4 awesome sisters, and we may sing that song now and then...maybe.

7. Various holiday parties are fun. A lot of fun, BUT

8. Intimate celebrations are the best!

Final Win-It Tip **from top athletes**
for Fitness Strategy 2011

FIT TIP (#116): R&R
Athletes build rest into their schedules to avoid burnout and injury.
There's training and then there's over training. The former moves you forward toward your goal; the latter sets you back and potentially sidelines you.

You can't expect to live at your peak when you're exhausted, TRY:
working in micro breathers to do something mindless throughout the day. Taking brief mental holidays during the day means you're less likely to turn to unhealthy activities **Cheetos and junk TV** later.

Words for the Week
"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." Charles Dickens

Tuesday, December 14

Evergreen...and FIT TIP (#115)

"The evergreen!--How beautiful, how welcome, how wonderful the evergreen!" -Jane Austen
One of my favorite things about this season, the Evergreen. Some charming outdoor images...

Continuing my Fitness Strategy for 2011...
another (#4) Win-It Tip from Top Athletes

FIT TIP(#115): Talk a Big Game
No one ever wins by believing that they can't. Top athletes are known to pump themselves up with positive self-talk.
Repeating "I can do this" to yourself is a way to replace the negative thoughts that pop up when you're under pressure. It helps you to focus on what you can do rather than on what you fear you can't.

Try this: Every time your internal voice goes rogue, counter it with a cue statement--a brief phrase that shuts down the critic, such as "I'm strong and in control" or "it's not a problem."

Words for the Week
"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree." -Roy L. Smith

Tuesday, December 7

Christmas Comfort...and FIT TIP (#114)

The most wonderful time of the year
is here.

And the busiest most hectic **and for some, stressful** time of the year.

While decorating, baking, wrapping, etc.
there is no reason to sacrifice fashion for comfort.

PajamaJeans...have you seen the commercial? Basically, flared jeggings.
The ad boasts: "Just because you're busy doesn't mean you can't look sharp! Put your best self out there and wear your PajamaJeans!"

But I think the line that sold me **I kid** was: "Feels like sleepwear but looked too good to keep hidden under the covers" followed by "Look put together all day long".

And if that's not enough, tada--constructed of DormiSoft fabric. If that doesn't say comfy, then certainly the fact that there are no buttons or zippers **only rivets** surely does!

If you own a pair, I do not judge. And if so, please **pretty please** leave a comment with your recommendation.

Imagine them paired with your very own Mega Moon Mood Hopz.
One size fits all.

"They aid in the development of balance and coordination. They are easy to use and bounce like you are on the moon...strong light-weight plastic inflated balls give you an anti-gravity bounce." Fantastic, right? Fashionable, wrong!

If not for yourself, maybe for that "special someone" on your gift list?

Win-It Tip (#3) from top athletes---FITNESS STRATEGY 2011

FIT TIP (#114): Breathe Through It
Athletes control their breathing to center themselves and fend off nerves, anger, or other distractions that can undermine their game.
When you consciously inhale and exhale slowly, your focus automatically turns inward and your mind and body relax.

Try this: With your eyes closed, breathe in through your nose for a count of five, hold for a count of two and exhale through your mouth for a count of seven. Pause for two seconds, then repeat until you feel serene. **This is one of my clients favorite "exercises".

Words for the Week
"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." -Norman Vincent Peale

Tuesday, November 30

We All Fall Down...and FIT TIP (#113)

Texas, a huge pile of autumn leaves, and 3 little dudes.
Good times. Better than good. **Stone, Dallen and Gavin**
Well worth picking leaves out of hair and clothing the rest of the afternoon.
Thank you were a blast!

2011 Fitness Strategy--borrowing win-it tips (#2) from top athletes

FIT TIP (#113): Picture Victory
Visualization is the key to getting your head into the game, according to many top athletes. Mentally going through the motions accustoms our body and mind to how something is done.

Try this: What is it that you want to accomplish? Find a comfy spot where you can sit for five minutes every day. Next, imagine the action in detail. The more senses involved, the more the image will be etched in your brain.

Words for the Week
"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." -Henry Ward Beecher

Tuesday, November 23

Self-Adjustment...and FIT TIP (#112)

Just a little to the left, right?
Right. No, left.

Sometimes it's necessary to take things into your own hands...

...even if you are being closely supervised!

Just rediscovered this pic of Stone from last Thanksgiving, and it cracks me up. The guys were installing a doggy-door and Stone couldn't resist the toolbox.

**my personal** FITNESS STRATEGY for 2011:
borrowing win-it tactics from top athletes to improve FITNESS ...and other areas that might require toughness, diligence, and grace under pressure.

**starting with** FIT TIP (#112): Strategize
Winning athletes don't go into practice, let alone competition, without a plan.
Breaking down a large goal into smaller, doable steps is the key to an athlete's success in:
--remaining focused
--marking progress
--staying motivated

Try this: Make your first steps so easy that you can't fail. This will give you the momentum and sense of achievement you need to keep going.

Words for the Week
"Reflect on your PRESENT blessings of which every man has many, not on your PAST misfortunes, of which all men have some." -Charles Dickens

Tuesday, November 16

Close, but No...and FIT TIP (#111)

In celebration of Mr. R's birthday
we cheered for the Suns from awesome seats.

The game was as close as we were but,
we lost to the Spurs **my favorite NBA team to cheer against!** by a bucket. **remember this?**

Got very close to Manu Ginobili **of the Spurs** a few times.
And even closer to having a **celeb** crush on him. He was so dang sweet **to us Suns fans**.

Then a week passed...and I'm over him.

The Spurs are still my most favorite team to cheer against. Followed closely by the Lakers, whom we beat in their home on Sunday. Woot-woot!

FIT TIP (#111): Chasing the Blues
#1--Practice Daily Acts of Gratitude--Everyday, pause and list 3 things and 3 people to whom you are grateful. **one of my November starting my day this way**

#2--Look at Your Present Through the Eyes of Your Future--

#3--Be Happy in Spite of Unhappy Events--When we're young and emotionally immature, we're happy because of what goes right. When we grow older and more mature, we can learn to be happy in spite of what goes wrong.

#4--Try a Power Thank You--Unexpressed gratitude is a terrible thing to waste.

Words for the Week
"Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It's a way to live." -Jackie Windspear

Wednesday, November 10

Fit Tip (#110) First...and Skinny Flinny!

First today...FIT TIP (#110)

People who feel gratitude have better lives than those who dwell on disappointments.
**according to a survey of psychotherapists**
People with the best lives **and least regrets** not only feel grateful, but express their gratitude to those individuals to whom they are thankful.

In fact, it is impossible to feel grateful and bitter at the same moment. It is also impossible to express sincere heartfelt gratitude to another person and not feel like a good person yourself.

Four **easy & fun** CHASING TIPS coming soon.

And now...a few words on Men & **super** Skinny Jeans. Why?

Come on guys...unless you are one of these brothers...
you really shouldn't. Really.

I have been **patiently** waiting for this trend/fad to run it's course
and be done already. Please!

I feel **super** confident stating that my sons
**including, and probably especially, my son-in-law...not pictured**
have not and will not be actively participating in this **super** Skinny Jean trend/fad.

Although, I can **possibly** picture Jordan **on the left in above picture** wearing this less Skinny version. **much better...don't you think?**
And that may have something to do with a pair of Skinny Wranglers that he rocked for about 4 hours his junior year in high Texas.

Or, it may have something to do with seeing him in similar jeans recently.
Not sure.
**He sometimes reads this...maybe I'll finally get a comment from him.**

And if the Look of **super** Skinny Jeans isn't reason enough to STOP, maybe this is--

Reports the Wall Street Journal:

Doug Black has found himself in a tight squeeze more times than he cares to remember. One day, he got caught in the rain without an umbrella and was unable to run. When his colleagues sat in a circle, the 23-year-old English teacher from Portland, Ore., couldn't cross his legs. And when he tried to jaywalk, while in Beijing for work, he couldn't hop the median divider with his friends. “I had to walk half a mile down the street on my own to use the crosswalk,” he says.
This poor fellow has obviously never seen the episode of “Friends” where Ross’s skintight pants left him trapped in a bathroom because he couldn't get them back on. That can happen to you, too, buddy.
Yet, guy wearers of skinny jeans seem to remain manfans as they clearly have little issue with the emasculating styles, high price, and sacrifice for fashion over comfort. Assures Doug Black, “Discomfort comes with the territory.”

P.S. My daughter & daughters-in-law look fantastic in their Skinny Jeans!!!

Friday, November 5

Grace & Gratitude...and FIT TIP (#109)

for November I aspire

to live each day with more
love, grace and gratitude.

"Happiness cannot be traveled to,
owned, earned,
worn or consumed.

Happiness is the spiritual experience
of living every minute
love, grace and gratitude."

--Denis Waitley

For these 30 days **of November**
first thing in the morning
**before I get out of bed**
I think of 3 things & 3 people
I'm grateful for.
My heart swells immediately and
stays full all day long.

Counting blessings...awesome day-starter!

FIT TIP (#109): Chill Out
For a natural energy drink, blend grape, acai, or pomegranate juice with crushed ice. Nutrients are absorbed into your system faster via a beverage that's cold versus one at room temperature.

Words for the Week
"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings." -William Arthur Ward

Sunday, October 31

Going, Going, Gone...and FIT TIP (#108)

October is almost a memory.
Started off with an enjoyable journey
to visit this sweetie and meet her new brother.

Ended with a handful of fun, FUN Halloween gatherings/parties!
**and trying to avoid Mr. R's creepy teeth**

FIT TIP (#108): Yes to Seafood
Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, is important to your LONGEVITY and HEALTH because this kind of fat (also found in olive and canola oils) is associated with lower heart risks.

Words for the Week
"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life." -Marietta McCarty

Sunday, October 24

Not the Queen...and FIT TIP (#107)

This sign may be in my home **during October** AND
I really do love this time of year, BUT it's not true.
**that would be sister #3!**

I decided to go a little SPOOKY this year.
Here's a peek...

I can't believe it's almost time to trade my SCARY house guests for PILGRIMS, TURKEYS, and PUMPKINS without faces!

FIT TIP (#107): Breathe Through Your Nose
Inhaling & exhaling through your nose, rather than your mouth, helps:
~~stabilize your heart rate AND
~~increase your endurance
The result? You work out longer and burn more calories.
It may feel unnatural at first; it takes about 6 to 8 workouts to perfect.

Words for the Week
"There's a luggage limit for every passenger on a flight. The same rules apply to your life, you must eliminate some baggage before you can fly." -Rosalind Johnson

Tuesday, October 19

What Do You Think?...and FIT TIP (#106)

Came across a few things
that have me smiling today.

Laughing out loud at this...
even though I only agree with one of the three. **wink, wink**

Now this...
I'm in total agreement with.

FIT TIP (#106): All Tricked Out
**Thanks to my good friend Jamie, who admitted to doing this very thing and it really does work!**
While exercising...
...just when you think you can't do:
~one more lap
~10 more minutes
~another set **or rep**
~etc. etc.
Trick yourself into it. ex: I'll hang in there until...
~this song is over
~I get to the corner
~I count to ten
~etc. etc.
Before you know it, you not only hit your goal, but it's become a mind thing, and you keep going! I use this constantly, with clients and myself. I consider this a secret weapon. Try it, if you haven't!

Words for the Week
we do not remember days...we remember moments. -cesare pavese