Sunday, May 20

A Bit Nerdy is Attractive...and FIT TIP (#161)

Have I mentioned that HH (Handsome Husband) is a tad bit nerdy?
Well, he is **an intelligent engineer, after all**
and I find it so attractive.

He does not dress or act nerdy.  Oh no...that wouldn't do!
It's more like this:

While we were getting ready to exercise the other day
I spied him holding up a new workout t-shirt...
first the front and then the back.

Me:  Whatcha doing sweetie?
HH:  Trying to figure out the orientation of this shirt.
Me (with a huge grin on my face): You mean figuring which is the front?
HH:  Yes, I guess you could say it that way.

I love the way he says things...and he loves that I'm
easily entertained :)

A match made in doubt about it!

FIT TIP (#161): Omega-3 Fish Oil

Words for the Week

Wednesday, May 2

Confessions of a Newlywed...and FIT TIP (#160)

I am a newlywed
and I confess:

--I love that HH (Handsome Husband) makes sure my car is clean & gassed up every week. ** I always make sure to thank him properly!**

--I don't believe in hand-holding while exercising, but I highly endorse it during cool down...with a lake nearby and while the sun is setting.

--I now go to car shows (with HH)...and I kind of love them.  It all started with Barrett Jackson!  **and yes, we hold hands while strolling around, ooh-ing and ahh-ing**

--I  have introduced HH to "Skinny Cow" ice cream treats...and we indulge several times a week, while we wait for the hot tub to heat up...don't judge.  **Oh yeah, and Circle K cinnamon bears**

--I've never been a fan of big dogs in the house.  I now have one (he's been with HH for 12 years) and it's not that bad.  He's a really sweet and well-behaved black lab, and he really likes me.

--I love when I catch HH "checking me out".  I have never felt so loved. cherished and adored.  Sorry for the sappiness, but I feel so blessed to be sharing life with such a wonderful **and super fun**  man.


FIT TIP (#160): Act More Energetic
Studies show that even an artificially induced smile brings about happier emotions. Advice from every quarter, ancient and contemporary, backs up the observation that TO CHANGE OUR FEELINGS, WE SHOULD CHANGE OUR ACTIONS.

Words for the Week