Tuesday, September 30

Before You Plunk Down Moolah

We all know money can't buy happiness.

BUT, sometimes it can buy stuff that makes us happy.

To help determine whether you're investing in something that will truly add joy and utility to your life, REDBOOK

shares 5 things to ask yourself:

1. Is this something I will use at least once a week? Will it be useful for at least a year?

2. Will this thing make me smile at least 10 times? Will it contribute to lasting memories? (I love this one!)

3. Have I recently seen an ad for this item or experience? (If so, am I secretly kidding myself that it will make me as skinny and giddy as the actress in said ad?)

4. What am I willing to give up for this purchase? (Would I be willing to eat ramen noodles for a week or give up my premium movie channel to finance it?)

5. Can I wait until this goes on sale to buy it? Or at least 24 hours? (HINT: the answer to this one is always YES!)

I love these tips and thought I'd share!

Friday, September 26

Dear Mom & Dad, Mission Accomplished--Five for Friday!

I miss you both, but, I really dig the CC lady. We chat with each other all day long. We don't exactly know all the words the other uses...BUT, we totally understand each other.

She let me skip my afternoon nap and we went on a walk...to the mall.

We scored!

We found some items for our (secret) project, ate at the food court (I loved it...CC, not so much), hit the clearance racks at Dillards (CC loved it...me, not so much), shared a kiddie-size (strawberry) Dippin' Dots, played at the lil playground, bought something for Chloe and BBB, and got some mini cookies to take home.

Once I was ready for bed, CC rocked me and sang to me. Don't tell her - but you sing better, mom!

Halfway through a funny song I've never heard before, she suddenly stopped.

She looked me in the eye and asked, "Did you just poo?"

I played like I didn't understand her. I just laughed.

"That's number Five for Friday little buddy."

She keeps track. She's funny like that!
Hmmm...Six Shooter Saturday has a ring to it!

I love you, mommy & daddy!


Wednesday, September 24

My Dude Welcomes Me to Lubbock

Okay, I should have clarified. For those of you who clicked on expecting to see a full size dude (and you know who you are--wink, wink)...it was this mini dude who did the welcoming...
And once again...

Tuesday, September 23

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hey y'all...I'm Texas bound!
I GET to spend 5 glorious days with the little Stone man!
His mommy and daddy are heading out and I get him all to myself!
We will have a blast & tucker each other out...I've no doubt!

Thursday, September 18

UP, UP, and AWAY!

What goes up...

...must come down!

Tanner with Chloe. He LOVES being a Daddy-O. Can you tell?
...love him and his lil gal!!!

Tuesday, September 16

So Easy...So Yummy!

You need to try this--MANGO SALSA (crockpot) CHICKEN! Coat crockpot with cooking spray. Add 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Top with one container of **Mango Salsa. Cook on low for 8 hours. YUMMY!
I simply served it with a salad...rice would have been great with it too! Ohhh, but the next day I sauteed a yellow pepper, red onion and tomato and shredded the leftover chicken for some GREAT fajitas...I'm serious people...this chicken is so yummy!
**Sprouts and Costco sell containers of really good Mango Salsa...or you can use bottled. If you are willing to put just a bit more time into it, I have a yummy recipe for that too!
Did I also mention that it's healthy? No? I wasn't going to :)

Friday, September 12

Friday Fill-In

A friend passed this on to me several weeks ago. I am just now (sorry!) sitting myself down to fill it in. Feel free to copy & paste with your own answers! Here I go...

1. Oh, I can't wait until I have a ...few hours to spend w/my DVR, catching up.
2. Mediterranean Soup (don't ask!)...is the first thing I see when I open my refrigerator.
3. I never leave home without...lipgloss!
4. If I were a condiment, I would be...dijon mustard, because...I like the color and it has just enough spice.
5. Littering/litter-bugs...really high up on my list of pet peeves.
6. The last thing I thought of before I went to bed was...my injured pinkie (ouch!).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to...dinner and a movie, tomorrow
my plans include...running shoes, and Sunday I want to...read!

There! Now, that wasn't so bad :) Y'all enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, September 6

No Boys Allowed...A Girl's Weekend!

A few months ago Charee (Tanner's wife) and Chloe came to visit. We had an OH-SO fun long weekend! We visited family, ate yummy food, shopped a bit...and then a bit more, and stayed up way late girl-talking. I love these two (and the Tan Man!).
***Okay, okay...back to the moving thing...almost complete!

Monday, September 1

They Say it's Your Birthday (Sept. 2)...they're right, I was there! Happy 26 Jordan!

Since he's been about three years old, this is what Jordan looks like every morning when he wakes up. What's not to love about this boy? He is thoughtful and kind. I have NEVER heard him say anything negative about anyone. He's a pure gentleman...holds doors open for everyone, etc. He's smart. He loves to read and play the guitar. He loves Snickers and Chico's Tacos. He's athletic and tough, but also very sensitive. He has the best laugh. He's so dang fun! He's a good husband, brother, uncle and son. He makes my heart sing. He has from the beginning.

Jordan has an adorable wife! We love Rachel. They got married three (gasp!...seems like yesterday) years ago in the D.C. Temple. We all had so much fun back there! I love spending time with them...and now that there's a baby involved, WooHoo!

Hmmm...I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Jordan is watching some sort of sporting event. Ya think? Jordan has never met a sport he didn't enjoy participating in or watching. Oh wait, I forgot (sorry Kendal) cheerleading is a sport...and then gosh, there's rhythm gymnastics. Suddenly (thanks to the recent Olympics) I can think of several sports I don't think he enjoys :) Okay, my theory was just blown to heck. Let me rephrase. Jordan enjoys MANY sports!

Jordan has always had his own sense of style. And it's even won him a few awards (see above) along the way. He had a pair of fish slippers that he would wear to the locker room before his basketball games. Every game. And what about the Mr. Franklin pageant? Between the swimsuit, evening wear and talent competitions, he was able to showcase his wide range of personal style. (Eat your heart out Tim Gunn)
Jordan has always preferred wearing shorts. While in elementary school (and living in sunny Arizona) he tried to convince me that his legs were allergic to long pants. So, we struck a deal. Each school morning he would run out and get the newspaper--if the temperature for the day would be in the 70's or higher, he could wear shorts, no debate. And on those few days it didn't reach that number? Jeans. "New jeans? Size 7?" Inside joke!

Speaking of jeans---BBB's first pair! This is the day we found out BB (Baby Brown) is actually BBB (Baby Boy Brown). Jordan is going to be such a great dad. He's so good with Chloe (they live close to each other...lucky!) and she loves him (and Rachel!). Can't wait to see him with his own. I LOVE YOU JORDAN! ENJOY THE DAY!