Monday, October 31

Happy Happy

Took these pictures while visiting my Utah Brownies **Tanner's family** in Provo earlier this month.

Hope your Halloween is fun and safe...and a little spooky!

Words for the Week

Words for the Week

Tuesday, October 4

A Dogs Approval...and FIT TIP (#143)

I have a thing for swinging bridges.I'm pretty sure I could spend a day or two at this very spot.
~~tall trees
~~open windows
~~swinging bridge
Yes, I'm pretty sure I could!

On another note **because some of you've been asking** there's a new "someone" in my life. I want to say so much...but I won't... yet.
Milo (my dog) approves. He NEVER approves.
This is a big deal!

FIT TIP (#143): Be Your Own Cheerleader
We know how to encourage other people and help build confidence in our friends. Chances are you're not nearly as kind and supportive of yourself when it comes to slip-ups. A lot of people don't realize how CRITICAL their self-talk is!

Try this: Write down the things you say to yourself when you fall short of your goals, then rewrite them as if you were talking to a pal.

Words for the Week