Sunday, October 31

Going, Going, Gone...and FIT TIP (#108)

October is almost a memory.
Started off with an enjoyable journey
to visit this sweetie and meet her new brother.

Ended with a handful of fun, FUN Halloween gatherings/parties!
**and trying to avoid Mr. R's creepy teeth**

FIT TIP (#108): Yes to Seafood
Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, is important to your LONGEVITY and HEALTH because this kind of fat (also found in olive and canola oils) is associated with lower heart risks.

Words for the Week
"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life." -Marietta McCarty

Sunday, October 24

Not the Queen...and FIT TIP (#107)

This sign may be in my home **during October** AND
I really do love this time of year, BUT it's not true.
**that would be sister #3!**

I decided to go a little SPOOKY this year.
Here's a peek...

I can't believe it's almost time to trade my SCARY house guests for PILGRIMS, TURKEYS, and PUMPKINS without faces!

FIT TIP (#107): Breathe Through Your Nose
Inhaling & exhaling through your nose, rather than your mouth, helps:
~~stabilize your heart rate AND
~~increase your endurance
The result? You work out longer and burn more calories.
It may feel unnatural at first; it takes about 6 to 8 workouts to perfect.

Words for the Week
"There's a luggage limit for every passenger on a flight. The same rules apply to your life, you must eliminate some baggage before you can fly." -Rosalind Johnson

Tuesday, October 19

What Do You Think?...and FIT TIP (#106)

Came across a few things
that have me smiling today.

Laughing out loud at this...
even though I only agree with one of the three. **wink, wink**

Now this...
I'm in total agreement with.

FIT TIP (#106): All Tricked Out
**Thanks to my good friend Jamie, who admitted to doing this very thing and it really does work!**
While exercising...
...just when you think you can't do:
~one more lap
~10 more minutes
~another set **or rep**
~etc. etc.
Trick yourself into it. ex: I'll hang in there until...
~this song is over
~I get to the corner
~I count to ten
~etc. etc.
Before you know it, you not only hit your goal, but it's become a mind thing, and you keep going! I use this constantly, with clients and myself. I consider this a secret weapon. Try it, if you haven't!

Words for the Week
we do not remember days...we remember moments. -cesare pavese

Thursday, October 14

Texas Times...and FIT TIP (#105)

Three generations of chicks.
I recently spent an incredible **and entertaining** week
with my favorite Texans **in their east Texas town**

This kid never stops. Never.
While out riding his bike **thus the helmet** he came upon a climbing opportunity.
This picture is for uncles Tanner & Jordan **who are climbers of rock**

Nothing like a "companion" bath
at the end of a busy day.

Seven full days of fun...non-stop.
If only the flight home had been non-stop. Oh wait...
then there wouldn't have been my last post :)

FIT TIP (#105): Play Favorites
Work with only one arm or one leg at a time when strength training. This way, while you're resting one side of your body you'll keep the other side going strong. Your heart will also have to keep pumping hard through your entire workout, which means that you'll actually burn more calories.

Words for the Week:
"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway."-John Wayne