Tuesday, August 28

Be Kind Rewind...and FIT TIP (#169)

July Fun 

First part of July

Two of my kids came to the Valley of the Sun
for **my niece** Ashley's wedding.
Kendal brought her kids and stayed for a week.
Jordan's trip was shorter
and he traveled from Delaware solo.

Went to the **hot** train park in Scottsdale,
swam several times daily,
went to movies, fished and
had a splendid 4th celebration with family
and fireworks!

The middle of July

We went to Texas
to help Stone celebrate #5
at an awesome Cowboy & Indian party!

End of July

Traveled to Delaware
to hang out with the wonderful
J. Brown crew...
and had a BLAST!
**more here**

Thank you July, you were a ton of fun!

FIT TIP (#169):  Hang In There

Words for the Week

Friday, August 24

Almost History...and FIT TIP (#168)

Summer is on it's way out.  And to prove it,
the Valley of the Sun stayed below 100 degrees all week!
Before it's gone for good, here are a few things I am working on:
~~creating a fun & yummy homemade ice cream sandwich combo~~

~~repurposing one of my unused frames for the office~~


~~infusing some flower-power into a weekend breakfast/brunch~~

~~improving my balance & flexibility~~

Happy and sun-kissed  **end of Summer** weekend to you!!!

FIT TIP (#168):  Avoid Confusion

Words for the Week

Monday, August 20

Gloss & Gadget...and Fit Tip (#167)

I am in total agreement with you, Jane.
When I leave home I take a little comfort with me.

I rarely leave without my Gloss & Gadget.

Gloss.  Lip that is...more than a slight addiction, I admit.  I could go on and on, but I won't. 

Gadget.  The iPhone sort, for calls and texts...and music, camera, news, weather, gps, scriptures, calendar, flashlight, email, etc.  All in one.

The grands would be disappointed if I were to show up without the Gloss & Gadget.

The little chicas are also lovers of gloss, and I gladly share!
The little sirs are gadget pros.  They like the games and apparently, the camera.

When Gavin recently requested a "cheese" from us 

we obliged, but I didn't believe he was really snapping.  **I don't think Holden did either** 

Imagine my delight when I discovered he had rotated the lens and left me with a little "cheese" of his own! 

What do you rarely leave home without?


FIT TIP (#167):  Get Your Fruit On!

Words for the Week

Friday, August 10

Three Things

I am loving most

about the Olympics

1.  so many of the Olympians praising God

2.  the Find Your Greatness campaign by Nike
**these commercials have actually brought tears to my eyes**

3.  pressing the "pause" button **thank you DVR** and taking night swims with Handsome Husband

I will miss the Olympic events...and background stories of the athletes...and even the commercials.  At least I will still have night swims with HH :)

Sunday, August 5

Delaware Days...and FIT TIP (#166)

Spent time **last week** in this Delaware beach town
and fell in love. Picture perfect, right? We will be back!!!

Had a blast with my cute and cuddly Delaware dudes
and their parents!!!

We got to hang out at an awesome beach house and play at a private beach...
where the sand was soft and white, the water was delightfully warm, and the sunshine was wonderfully mild.
Perfect. Beach. Experience.
We also rode bikes, played chase (thanks for the great exercise, Gavin!), watched the Olympics, went to church, ate yummy food, etc. etc.

One fun/exciting side note: on Sunday, hanging out with some of Rachel's (my daughter-in-law) awesome relatives, we were flipping channels between the Olympics and the PGA tournament...which one of Rachel's brothers **who was with us** brother-in-law ended up winning! We were jumping up and down and high-fiving in celebration of his victory.

So grateful for fun Delaware Days with the J. Brown Crew. Love you!!!

FIT TIP (#166): Healing

Words for the Week