Sunday, November 27

Adventures in Peep Toes...and FIT TIP (#146)

It's beginningto look a lot like Christmas...
except here in the Valley of the Sun
where we are enjoying temperatures well into the 70's.

Which is just dandy if you're a lover of peep toes, as I am.

These happen to be my current favorites.They went on a very unusual journey with me yesterday...
they accompanied me **and RF** to the dump.

Yes, you heard me right, I went to the dump. AND I was wearing my favorite peep toes when I did so. WHY?
Plain and simply because I had no idea a trip to the dump would make it's way onto my Saturday agenda when I dressed for the day. AND, it certainly was better than the alternative...


Earlier in the week I had volunteered to help RF clear-out/organize his HUGE pantry on Saturday. A non-cooking single man and his pantry...yikes! I started this project just as anyone who knows me would expect...

3 piles:

In the end, the KEEP pile **items he may actually use** was the smallest of the three. The GIVE pile **good items he will never use** filled the trunk and back seat and were delivered to the closest food bank.

It was the TOSS pile **expired, scary items too numerous for the trash bin** that was the largest of the three and demanded a trip to the dump.

Once it was all loaded in, I turned to RF and said, "Why don't you grab a blanket and maybe we can find a shady spot on the way there for a little picnic!" Sometimes I think I'm funny. Thankfully, so does RF!

We got to the dump and backed right in where we were directed. STINKY! I was, no doubt about it, the best-dressed patron and the only female. We got out and started chucking cans and bottles **canned peaches, was my best guess** into the HOLE. Things were crashing and exploding and we were laughing and men were staring and...

it was so much fun. Until we got back to RF's and I realized "something" was stuck on the bottom of one of my peep toes!!!

FIT TIP (#146):

Came across this list and thought it would be a good "holiday health" reminder.

Words for the Week

Wednesday, November 16

Sharing a Fortune...and FIT TIP (#145)

Last night we ate Chinese food.And naturally we cracked open our fortune cookies.



I asked if I could share his...and he said yes **he's nice like that**
and so, I crumpled up the one about disastrous spending :)

FIT TIP (#145):

Words for the Week
it is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

Sunday, November 13

Take it Away, Please...and FIT TIP (#144)

The best part about being involvedin the neighborhood garage sale was:

--someone hauling away "stuff" I no longer want/need **and paying me**
--not having to place the ads and make/post/remove the signs
--getting rid of **almost** everything I wanted to, and thus
--ending up with a clean garage and uncluttered closets
--meeting neighbors in the middle of the street **during the lulls** to
--compare notes about various "shoppers" and
--eat homemade tamales, pumpkin muffins and
--peanut butter snickerdoodles **my contribution**
--donating the remaining items to the Child's Crisis Center

All in all, it was a fairly painless and very entertaining experience...
I received a marriage proposal (which amused RF) and one group of ladies asked to see the inside of my house (sorry no, to both requests).

FIT TIP (#144): For A.M. Energy
Stand a few inches in front of your bedroom doorway and lift arms so that elbows are at shoulder height. Place palms on the edges of the door jamb, framing both sides of the doorway. Anchor hands as you lean forward and exhale. Hold for a few breaths, allowing shoulder blades to move together and the chest to open. Then, inhaling, return to starting position.

Words for the Week