Wednesday, April 29

(reality) STAR-SIGHTING, SKIES, SMOOCHES and Fit Tip (#17)

Take to the skies tomorrow.
Northward bound.
Home to a cooler climate and
this little guy!

Can't wait to smooch on Gavin...
Observe the graduation of **his daddy** Jordan...
Hang out with **his mommy** Rachel...
Meet up with **special friend** Jamie!

Before packing, stopped here:

Needed travel size **3 0z. airline restriction** supplies.
Bumped into a familiar **reality TV** face.
Member of the black **Biggest Loser** team that doesn't live in my **church** ward.
Considered taking cell phone pic to share...
Take my word for it...great results still taking place!

P.S. Spread the Mayo, vote for word...
I mean,
Spread the word, vote for Mayo (DWTS)!

FIT TIP (#17): Aerobic Exercise
Low-intensity, high-duration exercise during which energy is supplied using oxygen. Aerobic endurance exercise is the only type of exercise that causes fat to be broken down and used directly as the main source of energy.

Saturday, April 25

Sensitive Sniffer, $5 High...and FIT TIP (#16)

Sensitive Sniffer...that's how "realtor" referred to it.
**last summer when the (house) hunt had just begun**
I have a weak stomach and strong gag reflex.
**not exactly a match made in heaven**
And yes, a sensitive sniffer.
**throw that in the mix...not an ideal combo**

Chain reaction:
Sensitive Sniffer **when confronted with unpleasant odor** stimulates weak stomach, which initiates **strong & loud** gag reflex.
**if that weren't body lurches forward,
my eyes tear up, and I get the shakes**


Equal in strength to sensitive sniffer, is my love for a good deal.
As much as I love antique & vintage objects,
I have never, ever been a thrifter.
**Sensitive sniffer + stinky store = above mentioned scenario**

Until yesterday!

A believer in positive self talk, I talked myself into it.
Before opening the front door, I took a deep breath of fresh air & repeated several times, "I can do this!"
Entered stinky store with the confidence of a seasoned thrifter!

I scored!
Spent $5.35 on 5 objects that I love.
Objects that fit perfectly into my collections.
I was on a $5 high the rest of the day.
**wasn't that hard to breathe out of my mouth for 20 minutes**

P.S. When I got in the car, I sniffed my hair to make sure it didn't smell like stinky store...and, I was no longer in the mood for lunch :)

FIT TIP (#16): Exercise High

Less stress, irritation, depression, and anxiety are often reported following regular exercise...along with improved mood and enhanced ability to concentrate. These benefits result in part from endorphins, which are chemicals in the body that give you a "high" feeling after exercise. They also help relieve body aches and pains.

Monday, April 20

DWTS...Vote for Mayo!

Competing (Tues. night) against 5 other "pros" for a spot on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

Went to school with my kids. Graduated with Jordan. Not LDS, but attended BYU on a a member of the ballroom dance team.

Nice & talented young man. For more info go here, or Kendal's blog. Spread the word...Vote for Mayo!

As for me, I'm off to la la get my snooze on...sweet dreams!

Friday, April 17

Sealed with a Kiss...and HALT (Fit Tip #15)

SWAK...did you ever? I admit (many years ago) to concluding more than one note that way. SWAK--Sealed. With. A. Kiss. Those four letters, making an ordinary note something special.

I came across a simple statement (and great advice) this week that I just a SWAK-ish sort of way.

Let Life Kiss Your Hand
Eat chocolate, dance around the house, sing for no reason, eat french fries if you want. When you wake up each morning, smile.
Let Life Kiss Your Hand

Kendal, Chloe and Stone

For your viewing of the sweetest hand-kisses I've ever witnessed. **when Kendal & Stone were visiting from Texas a few weeks ago**

And another acronym...

There are usually four critical times when we tend to "give in" to food temptations. These common triggers often occur when we are:


Which form an appropriate word of warning.

Have a wonderful weekend...SWAK and HALT when appropriate.

Friday, April 10

It's a Chick Thing...and FIT TIP (#14)

Searching for tasty, new, summer salads.

I discovered a delicious one.

So good, I fixed it two days in a row. **The first day I served it with shredded sweet pork and refried black beans. The second was the meal!

That is how much I am loving it. I said delicious, right? Mmm-mmm good!

~1 navel orange

~2 meduim tomatoes, cut into wedges

~1/2 cup fresh cilantro sprigs

~1/4 cup pitted green olives, halved

Cut away the peel & pith of the orange and cut into segments. Combine them with the tomatoes, cilantro, and olives. Gently toss with 1 tbs olive oil and 1/4 tsp each sea salt & pepper.

This chick...highly recommends you try it!

And now...

FIT TIP (#14): the Buddy System

Recruit a workout buddy; inspire and support each other. You will be less likely to skip a workout session if know someone is counting on you.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 3

Lurking Around the Corner...and FIT TIP (#13) the season of sun, sand and surf.

And you know what that means.
The other "S" word. Swimsuit.

In honor of the "S" word...

Made a **temporary** switcheroo. Traded out beloved lime & salt popcorn for this:

Satisfying **short-term** substitute munchie... for now :)

FIT TIP (#13): the MEAL DEAL
Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out credit card.