Friday, January 30

The Reality of Reality TV...and FIT TIP (#1)

Have wondered how real Reality TV is.
Have laughed, gasped, shrieked, and even cheered while watching various seasons of The Bachelor and -ette.
Have been entertained, inspired, motivated, and even a bit mortified while witnessing Dancing with the Stars.
Tuning in to Flipping Out (thank you, Bravo TV)...Jeff Lewis and his crew (Who are these people?) have cracked me up, given me goosebumps, made me gag, and boosted my self-esteem. **If you ever want/need to feel like a calm, balanced, well-adjusted individual, watch this one :)

Had never watched this:

until this season.

A guy from my new (church) ward is on it. And people, this one is real. Having worked in the fitness industry for many years...I'm impressed! I love when people grasp the health/fitness concept. It excites me when they "up" their quality of life factors. And so, I basically have enjoyed this bit of reality and cheer on the participants. **Not just the team in Black!

Do wish they could keep their shirts on during weigh-ins. Is it just me? And...

FIT TIP #1: Skimping on your zzzzz's affects your appetite. Insufficient sleep--less than 7 hours--appears to tip hunger hormones out of whack. Leptin, which suppresses appetite, is lowered; ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, gets a boost. **2006 Institute of Medicine report

Happy Weekend, and get your sleep on!

Monday, January 26

Salud to the Sistahs! and DID YOU KNOW?

**No, not us...was not allowed to put any REAL pics of us on this post. Explanation below.

We went "away". Spent the night (not sleeping) at a beautiful resort. We were's return, my birthday, AND being related to best friends!

I love our similarities. I love even more our differences!

We ate **thanks for the yummy dinner, mom** and laughed, and danced (80's style) the night away. Five sister-friends and our mom.

The younger (non-blogging) sisters declared it a "blog-free/safe zone". Lee and I had to promise any pics taken would not magically appear in blogland. I'm dang sorry about that---I would so love to share a pic of Sally O'Malley in her stretchy pants! **Even though the names could be changed to protect the innocent, the faces would remain recognizable...and therefore, I will not break a promise :)

After an interesting breakfast experience (what the heck, anyway?) we headed home with some great new memories and goodies. **pictured below, minus the exercise DVD that I can't wait to try, Lor!

I can (almost) guarantee I was not the only one that needed a little Advil love, to help ease a lack-of-sleep headache, when Saturday evening rolled around. Thanks girls! I love you!

--You should NEVER drive in good heels. Floorboard scuffs the heel, and pedal scratches the toe!

--You should ALWAYS alternate bras. Allowing a bra to "rest" a day in between "wearings" gives elasticity a chance to bounce back!

This is what I will be reading this week:

I love the sub-titles on both covers--

**Finding Joy in Changing Times

**The Parable of the Bicycle and Other Good News

Happy Monday!

    Wednesday, January 21

    I Got Flashed!

    Yup, I sure did.
    I didn't cover my eyes.

    In fact, I paid attention. Very close attention.
    And boy, am I glad I did!

    I'd seen it before. I knew what it meant. I knew what to do.

    I slowed down a bit. Just enough, I guess. The motorcycle officer behind the bush must have thought so too. I breezed on to my appointment "ticket free".

    Thank you, man in the black car, for the flash!

    **In no way am I making light of the other "flashing". I have also experienced that a few times.

    Tuesday, January 20

    Let's Hear It for the Boys...

    Let's give the boys a hand!

    "Our" Arizona Cardnials won the NFC championship game on Sunday and are headed to the Super Bowl.
    They moved to Arizona just before we moved to Texas.

    Tanner was an instant and consistent fan. All those years in Texas he proudly wore his
    Cardinal hat, and took heat. Right, Mark?
    He never converted to a Cowboy fan...sorry, Cliff!

    On February first, in Tampa Bay, they go in underdogs--against the Steelers of Pittsburgh.
    Our family...wait, what about Cliff?...will be cheering for the underdogs! Party place & time TBA.

    Friday, January 16

    4 + 4 =


    No way, you say?

    It does, it really does. I can prove it.

    I went into my 4th folder and pulled my 4th picture (just as I'd been tagged to do) and this is what I found. Get it? 4 + 4!

    The dishes--these are my idea of perfect imperfection, on animal print--to highlight the "robin's egg" blue color. They were "the buy" of that week. I totally scored at a buck a piece...thanks to TJ (as in Maxx) and yes, it happened before this.

    Who cares? I knew Kendal would. The pic was for her and I just didn't delete it.

    Who else cares? Point well taken. So, I got onto my other computer and repeated the 4 + 4 process. That folder happened to be my "inspire" folder. Things I come upon while browsing the net. Things that inspire and/or make me smile.

    Picture #4 does both!

    And now, in keeping with the rules of the game, I tag: Kendal, Charee, Lynds and Jacki.

    And in breaking the rules :) I'd love to see what the rest of you come up with--if you care to play along.

    Monday, January 12

    Recent Happenings

    Celebrated a recent beginning with friends and family.
    Welcome 2009! Good-bye 2008...thanks for the memories!

    Got to hang with the most recent family member.
    Spent time in Utah smooching Gavin.
    Too dang yummy for words!
    He's got a terrific mommy and daddy. I miss them already!

    This little boy became a recent nursury member of his ward's primary.
    Stone will now spend 2 hours each Sunday socializing, singing, chasing bubbles and eating animal crackers!

    Celebrated a recent first birthday.
    Notice the anticipation in those beautiful blue eyes!
    Chloe couldn't wait to get her hands on the darling cake her mommy lovingly created.

    These 3 made a recent move to the Valley of the Sun.
    They bring joy to my life on a daily basis.

    As of tomorrow night, our most recent returned missionary...
    my adorable seventy-something mom!
    6 new great-grand kids were born while she was serving in Puerto Rico and Houston, Texas.
    She has met a few of them (wink, wink) and can't wait to meet the rest!

    Tuesday, January 6

    The Newest Mister Brown

    First family picture. I love these three!

    Gavin Jordan Brown

    On Wednesday I get to cuddle and smooch all 9 pounds, 20.5 inches!

    Also looking forward to hugging and pampering the new mommy and daddy.

    For a few more details, pictures and a mini video (with eyes open) go here.

    Ahhhh, life is good!

    Sunday, January 4

    Love at First Sight!

    What a way to start the new year!Baby Boy Brown is here...born yesterday to Jordan & Rachel. Nine pounds of pure heaven! He and his chubby cheeks are adorable. Love at first sight! A name and some pictures coming soon. Can't wait to smooch on him in a few days.

    UPDATE: He has a name! Gavin Jordan Brown. Love it!