Thursday, March 25

It's Official...and FIT TIP (#75)

Spring has arrived. Preparation for
peep-toes, flip flops and bare feet
has begun...

Even men are getting in on the action.

FIT TIP (#75): Log Off for a Better Night's Rest
The brightness of your computer screen stimulates the brain. Plus, it's hard for your mind to stop fretting about your digital to-do list, even once you've logged off.

Try this: Avoid late-night surfing and shut down your computer. Give yourself time to wind down without any electronics.

Wednesday, March 17

Inspiration in Green...and FIT TIP (#74)

Pinch-free fun on St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Good luck with the whole pinching thing.

FIT TIP (#74): Good Start
Up and out of bed...first order of business? Eat! Or risk going into energy debt later in the day.

A balanced breakfast raises blood sugar, which perks you up, and it also stokes your metabolism - the body's chemical "on" switch, which helps you burn calories throughout the morning.

Try these:
**Peanut or Almond Butter on Whole-Grain Toast
**Smoked Salmon with a Scrambled Egg
**Oatmeal or Oat-Bran Cereal with Nonfat Milk
**Whole-Grain Bagel and a Glass of O.J.

Sunday, March 14

Facts in Four...and FIT TIP (#73)

Playing along... Jamie tagged me.
Really hope this isn't information overload!

**this picture makes me happy**


Four Shows I Watch:
1. Modern Family
2. The Mentalist
3. Celebrity Apprentice
4. DWTS **once again!**

Four Things I'm Passionate About:
1. My Family
2. My Religion
3. Living in the Moment
4. "Someone"

Four Phrases I Say A Lot:
1. "It's all good."
2. "Seriously...seriously."
3. "He thinks he knows her." **wink, wink**
4. "Love you, bye."

Four Things I've Learned from the Past:
1. Look before you leap.
2. Father knows best.
3. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
4. Sometimes "someone" reappears...from the past.

Four Places I Would Like to Go:
1. Greece
2. Columbia **uh huh**
3. Cabo, again
4. Oahu...north shore...again & again!

Four Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Sprayed weeds
2. Made brownies
3. Went to lake
4. Parallel parked

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1. Hanging w/the kids.
2. Smooching the four lil ones.
3. Weekend celebration!
4. Three more seasons and a road trip :)

Four Things I Love about Winter:
1. The Holidays
2. Hot Chocolate
3. Dressing in Layers
4. Outdoor Activities

Four Things on My Wish List:
1. Disco would come back???
2. Two more hours per day.
3. Kids living closer!!!
4. That "someones" phone didn't drown.

Four People I Tag:
1. Kendal
2. Jacki
3. Crys
4. Bobbi

FIT TIP (#73): Inhale Your Food
One theory is that the more we can smell our food, the less we eat. Science is giving a nod to the underlying concept that the more intense food smells, the faster we're satisfied.

Most of what we perceive as taste is actually smell. As we eat, the two senses work together to stimulate an area of the brain called the olfactory bulb...promoting a feeling of fullness.

Friday, March 12

Key Information...and FIT TIP (#72)

I have a thing for old keys.

Intrigued by their unique shapes.

Wonder what they locked/unlocked in their day.

KEY information:

I also read my horoscope...
purely for entertainment purposes.

Today my horoscope involves you.

It reads:
You know that things need to change, but you're not totally sure about the best way to go about it. Now is a good time for you to deal with your people and get them ready for what you know is coming.

Okay, you are my people. Right?

Hmmmmm, what do I need to get you ready for?

Today's FIT TIP is compliments of "someone" who read an article and thought I'd like it and possibly want to share with you. Cute, huh?

FIT TIP (#72): "Eat" Your Water
Choosing foods that are high in fiber and water content-think grapes versus raisins-helps you fill up faster with fewer calories.

People tend to eat the same volume of food to satisfy their hunger no matter how nutrient-filled or calorie-charged it is, so the idea is to fill up with fewer calories.

The KEY is to consume foods that provide low amounts of energy (calories) relative to their weight.

My thanks to "someone"...great tip!

Tuesday, March 9

Johnny is Genius...and FIT TIP (#71)

Witnessed Johnny in Wonderland...
Alice was there too, of course.

Whether a pirate, candy man, scissor-hand or mad hatter,
Johnny is genius.

Once again, I enjoyed a Depp performance.

The fact that I am easily entertained probably helped.

The fact that I got to hold the hand of "someone"
**yes, that hand**
made it even better, no doubt.

FIT TIP (#71): Toss the Scale
Often a change on the scale just reflects the pounds of body fluid lost and gained every day rather than a fat loss/gain.

Inches of fat can be lost without reflecting a weight loss **because muscle weighs more than fat**. So, if the scale is unreliable, what can be counted on? A tape measure is a great tool to measure success.

Wednesday, March 3

Lucky Me...and FIT TIP (#70)

"Someone" is spoiling me.
"Someone" got to my office **not his**
before I did this morning.

"Someone" came bearing goodies.

"Someone" is sweeter than the yummy pastries!

"Someone" is winning over my office buddies.

"Someone" is working on winning over my dog.

FIT TIP (#70): Mid-Morning Refresher
Wet your whistle! Water is an oomph-inducing essential. When you are dehydrated you also become fatigued. Water is also one of the best kept beauty secrets **oh-so good for the skin** besides one of the cheapest ones.

How much H2O do we need? Experts recommend at least 64 ounces daily.

Try this: Drink half your body weight in ounces.