Wednesday, January 27

She's Here...I'm on My Way!

FeJe **Female Jessup** has arrived!

Emerson Rose

7lbs. 13oz.
and 20 inches of yummy-ness

I'm off **to Texas** to smooch, cuddle and spoil this beauty

and her big brother! **asleep at the hospital**

Totally tuckered out by the whole process.
**I had to throw this picture in for those who know Stone...and have never seen him in this position.**

Sunday, January 24

In the Market...and FIT TIP (#67)

I don't have an umbrella.

I used to have more than one--
but during a "closet cleansing" frenzy,
I passed them on.

We have had one of the rainiest
weeks on record,
here in the Valley of the Sun.

Another storm is expected Tuesday.
I'm going to buy an umbrella.

**I really like the first and last one.
The middle one would be handy when out
and about with another.**

FIT TIP (#67): Waist not Weight
When you're working out, you may not see results on the scale as quickly as you'd like. But remember, muscle weighs more than fat. You'll see results faster on your waistline than in your weight.
**I always tell my clients to chuck their scales and invest in a tape measure.**

Sunday, January 17

Heelarious...and FIT TIP (#66)

her first high heels...peep toes, no less.

We came across these while out and about.
Leann insisted we get them for baby FeJe **Female Jessup**.
size 0-6 months

Sent a quick pic to Kendal **as soon as I got them home**
and made her promise they would not lead to "kiddie pageants" :)
She loves them!

Also laid eyes on this sweetie.

Had to get one for Chloe and FeJe **official name yet to be determined** .
How adorable are they?
As cute as this particular shop was,
there wasn't anything for the boys...
well, anything that I thought their daddys
would like them to play with :)

FIT TIP (#66): Chew on This
Chew your food purposefully & slowly.
Rest in between bites.
The slower we eat, the less likely we are to overeat. Do not engage in such activities as reading, tv-watching, or phone-talking while eating...the goal is to know when we are full. **visiting w/dining companions is totally acceptable**

Wednesday, January 13

Seventeen Dollar Cucumber...and FIT TIP (#65)

**I think** the best part of going
out for sushi is the Japanese Cucumber Salad.
I made this...

thanks to Heather @ The Healthy Bite.
I've been fixing it **at least**
once a week
since she posted it. **a few months ago**

I called Kendal after I made it
**the first time**
and was raving about it's goodness.

Kendal: "Where did you find a Japanese cucumber?"
**Cliff comments in the background**
Me: "What did Cliff just say?"
Kendal: **laughing** "He said that sounds like a $17 cucumber."

I use European seedless cucumbers.
They do have seeds **?**...but you don't
have to seed or peel them. **as my picture shows**

I often fix it and keep
in a covered container in the fridge
to snack on. Amazing.

P.S. I found the disposable chopsticks at
the grocery store in the Oriental food section.

FIT TIP (#65): Embrace the **current** Season
Getting a workout outdoors during the different seasons will keep you from getting bored. Ice skating in winter, for example, or touch football in the fall.

These activities are fun, challenging and a great reminder that you don't have to be confined to the gym for a great workout.

Sunday, January 10

Really? Antlers in January?...and FIT TIP (#64)

This is a Mercedes.

This is a Mercedes on antlers.

In January, no less.
A gorgeous, sunny **as the picture attests** day
in the Valley of the Sun.

Even in December...
this is not a good look!
**I'm sorry, it's just not!**
But, in January
**in my opinion**
it is just wrong!

FIT TIP (#64): Weight Loss According to Dr. Oz
Top Twelve Tips:
--clear out your pantry (clear out temptation)
--simple substitutions (cranberry or tomato juice instead of O.J.)
--get enough sleep (we get it, we get it!!!)
--don't starve yourself
--don't beat yourself up if (when) you slip up
--hot peppers in/with your breakfast
--same lunch daily (this one threw me a bit)
--drink water when hungry (and even when you're not!)
--snack before meals (don't get excited...healthy snacks)
--eat off smaller plates (I swear by this one)
--eat with the TV off (more calories consumed while watching the tube)
--include exercise whenever, wherever

P.S. Hooray Cardinals!!! On to the Saints of New Orleans **next Saturday**

Wednesday, January 6

Resolutions Revisited...and FIT TIP (#63)

I believe in setting oneself up for success.
And so...

I pick only a few resolutions each new year.

But then...
**lest you think I'm too easy on myself**
on the first of each month,
I set monthly goals.

This works well for me.
Little victories along the way.

And a word.
I pick a word for the year.
**herein lies my dilemma, friends**

I love my 2009 word.
Quite frankly, I'm not ready to part ways
for another, just yet.

**I even looked up synonyms for BALANCE,
thinking I could change words without really changing words**

So, I've been thinking.
Some choose the same resolutions each year.
**weight loss, etc.**
Why then, can't I pick my same word?

Unless a different word
reaches out and grabs me in the next few weeks...
shall remain in my life.

FIT TIP (#63): 2010 Fitness Goals
To help insure success with fitness goals for the new year, consider implementing one or more of the following:

~Make it fun...Mix it up
We tend to continue to do things that entertain us.

~Pace yourself
We want to avoid burn-out and/or injuries.

~Get real
It is important to set realistic goals and patiently progress.

~Eat healthier
We are what we eat...keep it balanced!

~Track your progress
A great motivator--to see where we've been & where we're going!