Friday, January 25

Oh My Word!...and FIT TIP (#185)

Words are Powerful
As 2012 was winding down, I thought about "my word" of years past.
My focus word.  One per year.
One by one they became my companions.
Helped guide and direct my actions
for a year and then stuck around after
a new year & word came along.
I invited them to stay.
As I was contemplating possible words for 2013
I couldn't help but realize the power of words.
They can encourage, comfort, inspire, uplift, teach, etc.
A simple word or two can do so much good.
I've seen it.  I've felt it.
On the flip side, and there is one,
they can hurt, harm, stifle, discourage, frighten, etc.
A simple word or two can do so much damage.
I've seen it.  I've felt it.
So, I started a list,
in search of "my word" for 2013.
That's how I do it.  The list gets long
before is shrinks.  I debate
with myself.
This became my short list:
And then I read this: 

And it spoke to me.
Exactly the "feel" I was going for.
 I almost chose "extra".
And then it clicked.  Just like it always does.
Take what I've got--
what I've been given, assigned, earned, etc.
and stretch it...

You know, that little extra.
S-t-r-e-t-c-h the personal norm.
My new word is almost 3 weeks old.
I'm liking it...feeling it.

FIT TIP (#185): Dream

Words for the Week

Words for the Week

Tuesday, January 15

Icicles in the Desert, not Dessert...and FIT TIP (#184)

This is Arizona, the Valley of the Sun.
These are icicles on our fountain.
Wasn't it just a few weeks ago
 I was bragging about doing yoga...
Well, looky here, would ya?
We desert rats are freezing.

P.S. desert rats are different than
dessert rats. Right?

Even though I prefer my surroundings
without icicles,
I can appreciate and admire
the beauty of it all.

Reliable sources profess
our winter weather
will be back to what we are used to
day after tomorrow.

Moving on from DESERT issues to DESSERT issues:
Our lemon tree is producing, and I think I'm going to fix something yummy and warm.
With sweetness dripping off the edges...icing icicles.  Yes, that's it!
I love anything and everything CITRUS-y!

FIT TIP (#184):  Show Up
No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up!

Words for the Week

"One resolution I have made and try always to keep, is this:

Thursday, January 3

Hello, Goodbye...and FIT TIP (#183)

Welcome Twenty Thirteen
but first...

Adios Twenty Twelve
and thank you!
I liked you...a lot.  Actually I loved you.

I became a newlywed.  I moved.  I got a new (part time) job.
I love him more today than yesterday.  Everyday.
Our home is 1 mile from my office.  Score!

Grandchild count went up.  My six became seven when
Kendal gave birth to Knox.
Once upon a time he had to fight for his life.
He won.  Miracles...I believe!
HH has 5.  Do the math.  Yup, that's 12!

I became a Sunday School teacher to teenagers...again.
I plan and prepare lessons.  I learn.
I teach of Jesus Christ...the greatest teacher of all.

I left the country a few times...and the state
quite a few times!
Explored with HH.  Visited awesome places
and people.

I started a new book.  Can't wait to share.
The subtitle is "one simple act".  It's pretty great.
It is playing a big part in
my word for 2013.

Twenty Twelve, you will always hold a
special place in my heart & memories!

And now...Twenty Thirteen.  Let's do this!

FIT TIP (#183):  Gratitude Calms
A grateful state of mind induces a physiological state called resonance...associated with healthier blood pressure and heart rate.
Try this:  Begin a gratitude journal.  Practice praise.

Words for the Week