Friday, August 30

I Saw the Light...

yes I did, and I bought it
from a very nice gentlemen that is redecorating
his beautiful country estate
in mid-century modern.
I wish he would have had a few more
of these 1940 (rewired) beauties
that needed a new (old) home.
Oh yeah, did I mention
we found and bought a lovely
1930 Tudor.  Move in next month!

We have been having so much fun
exploring, house-hunting....

attending outdoor concerts...
at least one a week,
sometimes more!

and traveling,
that I haven't stopped to blog.
But, I'm back.  Really!
Had a blast with our
little Delaware Dudes recently.
They will welcome a
little sis in January...we're all excited!

Even ordinary mailboxes
thrive in the Midwest summers!

FIT TIP (#193):  Keep the FAITH

Words for the Week