Friday, August 30

I Saw the Light...

yes I did, and I bought it
from a very nice gentlemen that is redecorating
his beautiful country estate
in mid-century modern.
I wish he would have had a few more
of these 1940 (rewired) beauties
that needed a new (old) home.
Oh yeah, did I mention
we found and bought a lovely
1930 Tudor.  Move in next month!

We have been having so much fun
exploring, house-hunting....

attending outdoor concerts...
at least one a week,
sometimes more!

and traveling,
that I haven't stopped to blog.
But, I'm back.  Really!
Had a blast with our
little Delaware Dudes recently.
They will welcome a
little sis in January...we're all excited!

Even ordinary mailboxes
thrive in the Midwest summers!

FIT TIP (#193):  Keep the FAITH

Words for the Week


Jerlyn said...

Love your quotes! So,e times I feel they are written just to inspire, motivate and keep me going. Thank you, my friend! So glad things are so great for you! You definitely deserve all the happiness on the world.

The Jessups said...

Can't wait to visit!