Tuesday, May 21

From There to Here...and FIT TIP (#192)

Here, in the beautiful Midwest.

Here, where deer were hanging out at the lake
late this morning
while I was hanging out on the deck
in perfect 73 degree sunshine.

This is (the short cut of) how we got here:

From Arizona we cut through a piece 
New Mexico and on to El Paso.
With help from Kendal's dad
and her father-in-law, 
Ray loaded up Kendal's piano and
we journeyed from west Texas to
east Texas to deliver said piano
spend a super fun weekend with our
favorite Texans...
continuing some Silly String,
soda-tasting, movie-watching

From Texas we traveled through parts
of Arkansas and Missouri...

and the family farm where Ray spent
the first 10 years of his life.
It was a pleasure for me to
meet the uncle who was Ray's
 role model/father figure during those
formative years.
He and his lovely wife
are such sweet, fun, authentic people.

If you follow me on instagram
you saw the original barn...love, love!

After Branson & Springfield (family farm)
we spent time at The Lake of the Ozarks.
This is the Midwest's version of
Lake Powell...but larger...much!
I fell in love with the Ozarks
on this journey...
and barns!

Then came St. Louis and The Arch.
Being married to an engineer
I have come to appreciate many "things"
on a different level.
This is one of them.
Some of the views from on top
are also on my instagram feed.

We then cut through a bit of
Illinois and Indiana
before reaching Ohio.

We are here!
We are house hunting.
We are exploring.
(pics to come)
We are loving it!!!

FIT TIP (#192):  How to Use a Towel

Words for the Week


Jerlyn said...

Love your quote. I love hearing of your adventures. So happy for you and this incredible and exciting new adventure.

The Jessups said...

Love this post! Happy you are there safely, and happy it's such a gorgeous place!!!