Friday, April 26

Cha Cha Changes

Boxes, boxes and more boxes around here.
Taking a break from bubble wrap and packing tape to share some excitement.
One, two, three...

One--I quit my job.  I had been debating it for a while,
and it totally made sense when:

Two--Handsome Husband (with my full support) accepted a
(woot woot) position at company headquarters, and so...

Three--We sold our the first people who came
through...before the For Sale sign even went up! 

(We are keeping our other desert home so we
can become snowbirds.  Yup, I just typed that!)

We are excited.

I will miss living so close to all 4 of my sisters...
but a little distance won't come between us.
It never has.  It never will.  Believe me!  
And, when HH travels to the Valley of the Sun
I will definitely accompany him!

Even though the company is "moving" us,
I/we are packing ourselves up.  That's just
how I/we roll.  You know, the 3 pile thing.
Keep, Toss, Give

We will be:
--so much closer to our Delaware dudes
--enjoying the great outdoors this summer
--living in a company condo during:
--house hunting...I would love an old, restored
   house with lots of character etc.

Feel free to follow me on instagram
as I document our journey
(we will be driving, because we have
an old, big, black dog)
and the house's going to be
EXCITING.  Have I said that?
And FUN.

Sorry...No FIT TIP and no Words for the Week--
Blame it on the boxes!


Jerlyn said...

I am so so so happy for you! You deserve all the very best in life. What an exciting new adventure for you! Love that you will be closer to cute little grand babies. I will definitely follow all of your adventures.
My heart is so grateful for you. Your kindness, generosity and love has meant more and touched my heart more than you will ever know. You have been such a strength to me. There are no words to accurately tell you what it has meant to my heart.

The Jessups said...

So exciting!! Great adventure ahead! And we, of course, are excited to see you as you pass through!!