Sunday, February 27

SoCal @ Dland w/JBrowns...and FIT TIP (#126)

Just returned from some serious funin the SoCal sun!
Got to go to Strollerland...I mean Disneyland
with this cutie **Gavin**

and his mommy & daddy

and his new little brother **Holden**
who was sporting an awesome onesie! **Had to get a pic, in honor of Mr. R!**

A Few Things:

1) These brothers have the best **smooching** cheeks ever! But besides possessing the most kissable cheeks around, they don't really look that much alike.

2) Disneyland is Strollerland. I can't remember the last time I was there...probably not since my youngest child **Kendal** reached the height requirement for roller coaster rides and we switched our allegiance to Six Flags...anyway, I don't remember all of the strollers!

3) Good times **and cuddles** abound when spending time w/the JBrown crew! I miss them already.

FIT TIP (#126): Power Surge
The more intensely you do aerobic activity and the longer you do it, the more efficiently your body uses oxygen...and this boosts its fat-blasting power throughout your workout.

Words for the Week

Sunday, February 20

Aye, Eye, Aye...and FIT TIP (#125)

Let's FACE itanti-aging tips, tricks, info and reminders are a good matter one's age or gender.

According to an oh-so interesting article I stumbled upon **thank you iPhone and Fitness Magazine** fine lines, dark spots, and furrowed brows can be repaired --or prevented-- with some skincare basics.

FIT TIP (#125): Anti-Aging Smooth Moves

Yes! You Should...
==Wear an SPF 30 sunscreen every day, year-round.
==Apply a weekly hydrating masque.
==Eat fruits & veggies with high water content **cucumbers, apples, etc.**
==Wear sunglasses **even at sunset** to prevent fine lines.
==Sleep on a satin pillowcase to prevent creases.

No, Please Don't...
==OD on at-home chemical peels **once a week is more than enough**.
==Pick at blemishes.
==Try every latest, greatest treatment **skin likes routine**.
==Take too-hot showers.
==Go out in the wind bare-faced.

Ooops...I confess, I don't "mask" weekly or wear my sunglasses at sunset (but I may start doing both!) and I love hot showers. But, I did recently buy SkinGlow pillowcases. I know, I know, laugh if you must but...

the package boasted: "Clinically proven to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and to reduce the appearance of age-related skin imperfections." On sale @ the bargain price of $8.99 each, I bought a pair. I may even try this:

Banana Mask **I'm not even a banana fan!**
Banana is wonderful as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Mash 1/4 banana until very creamy. Spread all over face and leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water followed by a dash of cold. Gently pat dry.

Words for the Week
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -Henry David Thoreau

Our precious little Chloe!

Monday, February 14

Valentine Sentiments...and FIT TIP (#124)

I'll admit, every now and then...

Happy Valentine's Day, friends and family
and remember:
"A heart that loves is always young" --Greek Proverb

FIT TIP (#124): Healthy Glow
The "good fats" in olive oil are highly beneficial; they contain heart-healthy omega-3's, which improve circulation, leaving skin rosy and supple.

Thursday, February 10

K-I-S-S-ing...and FIT TIP (#123)

In honor of Valentine's DayI'm doing the KISS thing! the stamp

Keep It Simple SisterThis is pretty much the extent of my Valentine decor this year.

On purpose!

As I pulled out the storage bin marked HEARTS & KISSES
I made an INTENTIONAL (my 2011 word) decision
to only pull out a handful of the bright, fun, cheery "stuff".

I also made a decision to ditch the fake nails.
This go-round I'd only been sporting them for 6 opposed to multi-year stints in the past.

Remind me please, if I mention getting them again, that I really don't like/want them.

I loved and missed my boy-length **what my manicurist calls short nails**
either polished in a fun color or two coats of clear Nail Life. PLUS
my new iPhone also prefers them this way!


FIT TIP (#123) Mind-Body Relaxation **stress reliever**
Progressive Muscle Relaxation...involves tightening and then relaxing of the muscles in the body **in succession**. This technique is based on the idea that mental relaxation will be a natural outcome from the physical relaxation.

Words for the Week
"If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders."

Saturday, February 5

It's Raining Love...and FIT TIP (#122)

One week ago today I was:
--tweaking my PowerPoint presentation
--fine-tuning opening and closing remarks
--organizing packet information, etc. etc. etc.

--new business cards arrived
--new bio page **thanks Kendal & Cliff** was delivered

And it hit me...
the cards and bio page tell a lot about me. But, there is plenty they don't say. Like the fact that I have such a huge support system. Mr. R, mom, siblings, kids & spouses, and some super **super** close friends. And then...

as I headed out on Tuesday, I received text messages and phone calls...full of love and support. I knew many prayers had been offered on my behalf. I felt them. I felt calm. I felt blessed beyond words. Not only for this new opportunity, but for people who love and care about me.

Everything went so well. Better than I had even hoped and/or dreamed.

FIT TIP (#122): Action!
Act the way you want to feel.

Words for the Week
Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them on the tablets of your heart.
Proverbs 3:3