Sunday, January 29

Pause for a Lovely Day...and FIT TIP (#153)

FIT TIP (#153): Eat to Beat Stress
Curry---The curcumin in turmeric (a spice in curry) lowers stress levels by inhibiting cortisol secretion.
Milk---In a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, women who ate four or more servings of calcium a day had a 30% lower risk of PMS symptoms like anxiety and irritablility.
Red Bell Pepper---lowers stress by limiting cortisol production and stimulates the release of oxytocin, a feel-good chemical.

Words for the Week

Tuesday, January 24

What's the Big Rush?...and FIT TIP (#152)

Hello new year!You're only 3 weeks old and I like you already. A lot!

I have my word for 2012.

In the past, deciding on "my word" for a new year
was a process.
A word that would serve as a theme in my life
for 12 months...
that's a lot of pressure for one little word.

This year was different.
The word just came to me--out of the blue.
It didn't have to sit on a list with
a few other words
and eventually win the top spot.

PAUSE. That's my word.
Like the button on my DVR remote.
Like the comma on my keyboard.

What's the big rush, anyway?
When I'm at the park exercising
I PAUSE to admire the sunset.
And so what if my heart rate drops
for a bit...
have you seen an Arizona sunset?

What's the big rush, anyway?
When I'm eating lunch alone at home
I sit down, PAUSE and enjoy each bite
and even fill up while eating less :)

What's the big rush, anyway?
When someone says something or does
something that may annoy me
I PAUSE, let it go, and smile.

I could go on, but I think you get it.
PAUSE. It's a good word for me
this year.
Taking PAUSE to enjoy the small things,
even when big things need to get done.

My daughter's
daughter turns 2 in 2 days.
Happy Birthday Emerson Rose!

FIT TIP (#152): Comfort, Not Calories
The not-so-sweet truth...studies show that chocolate's soothing effect lasts only 3 minutes. To really kick a bad mood to the curb, treat yourself to a hot shower, a quickie massage, or 10 minutes of quiet, do-nothing time.

Words for the Week

Sunday, January 8

RF (the BF) Info...and FIT TIP (#151)

When describing RF
I always start with the same word--

On purpose, I've down-played just how
good-looking he is...
and I always get called out on it,
once the introductions are made.

Some of the other words I've used:

SMART. He's a mechanical engineer.
It's not true what you always hear about engineers,
because he is
FUN. Even doing things that aren't usually
considered enjoyable **like a trip to the dump**
are entertaining. He's also
SPIRITUAL. We share a common belief system and are
both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints...Mormons. He's a
GEARHEAD. He explained what that meant on our
first date. On our third date I saw the Porsche
he's restored. Gorgeous! He's so
TALENTED. The Porsche, his backyard, the ring,
etc. I could go on and on here, really
so impressive. And he's such a
GENTLEMAN. He treats me so special...
always. He's also kind to the elderly,
babies, get the idea :)
ROMANTIC. He says I bring out the
romantic in him. I love that...
and him!

Next word for 2012. Do you have one yet?

FIT TIP: (#151): Be Accountable for Each Mouthful
Most people eat emotionally. We constantly put food into our mouths unconsciously. Keep a food journal, learn about portion sizes and the actual calorie counts in foods and understand what you're eating. It's not about starving yourself; it's about being fully aware of what is going into your body.

Words for the Week

Tuesday, January 3

Kissable Cheeks...and FIT TIP (#150)

Today is my second son's
second son's birthday.

It's also his first son's birthday.

Yes, they share a birthday.
They have a lot more in common than just a birth date...
like the most kissable cheeks ever!
**just look for yourself**

Happy first birthday to Holden
and third birthday to Gavin.

I adore these two and can't wait to smooch on them!

FIT TIP (#150): Approach with Gratitude
Exercise is not a choice; it's a privilege. Approach working out with gratitude.
Think, How lucky I am that I found time in my busy schedule for myself and to take care of my body.--Mari Winsor, Pilates trainer to the stars

Words for the Week

P.S. Stay tuned...RF post is next, I promise!