Sunday, August 30

Thank You Summer...and FIT TIP (#40)

Thank You!
Thank you for the multitude of
splendid & sumptuous
fruits & vegetables to be found...
in abundance.
I adore mixing & mingling them.

Two salads I put together this weekend:
**thanks for the inspiration,
The Minimalist @ NY Times**

Wedges of tomatoes & peaches,
slivers of red onions,
cilantro & red pepper flakes.
Dress w/olive oil & lemon or lime juice.
Simply exquisite!

Sliced radishes **or jicama or kohlrabi**
and chunks of mango
with coconut milk, lime juice,
curry powder & cilantro **or mint**
Oh my my...crunchy radish paired w/smooth mango, delightful!

P.S. Thank you also, summer, for not a single
insect or bug bite!
and now...

FIT TIP (#40): PUSH **it** UP
Push-ups are one of the most effective exercises out there.
Being able to do push-ups can make life easier...less prone to injuries, stronger in everyday tasks, and sleeker arms & shoulders.
TRY THIS: 10 push-ups, 3 times a week. Work up to 3 sets of 10, 3 times a week.

Wednesday, August 26

Chillin' in the 801...and FIT TIP (#39)

Such good times! As usual with this group...playing, laughing, eating, shopping and even farm animal-petting this time around.

Lots of smooching on these two.

The girls and babes.

The "Utah 3" on left...soon-to-be "Cali 3" right.

For Stone: a few pics of the "younger" cousins.

FIT TIP (#39): See It...learn to Visualize
Envision yourself lying on your favorite beach. **Hawaii** Conjure this image in your mind every night before drifting off and again if you wake up during the night. This kind of "dream mantra" can help to reinforce the sleep response.

Thursday, August 20

Fine Feathered Friends

In an hours time, two birds **assuming it wasn't the same bird both times** pooped on my new **black** car.

New car is now clean, and safely tucked away in garage, as I await my ride to the airport.

P.S. Off to see the T.Brown & J.Brown families!!
P.S.S. I'm so over SUV's and thrilled to not be driving one for the first time in oh-so many years!

Tuesday, August 18

Summer Blockbuster Lessons...and FIT TIP (#38)

be a hero

In his article
10 things summer blockbusters teach us about life
film critic A.O. Scott contends
the fundamentals of heroism are the same,
whether you're a film character
or just an
everyday good guy.

  1. Heroes don't always know that they're heros.
  2. Heroism is a lonely, thankless vocation.
  3. When the going gets tough, the usual rules don't apply.
  4. It's always personal.
  5. You can't trust anyone.
  6. There is always someone you can trust.
  7. There is always enough time...just enough.
  8. You should never get too comfortable.
  9. Everything will be OK in the end.
  10. There is always a sequel.

P.S. Don't ya just love the everyday good guys? Even the ones that dress up like superheros!

FIT TIP (#38): Get Real
It is best to FUEL our bodies with wholesome, nutritious **REAL** foods...limiting our intake of refined carbs
**anything sugary or white-flour based...dang!**

Sunday, August 16

A Shoe In...and FIT TIP (#37)

"A shoe can make all the difference in the world." Cinderella

**cute nephew & his adorable bride**

FIT TIP (#37): Caloric Strategy
We burn most of our calories in the first twelve hours of the day...but most Americans eat nearly 60 percent of their calories after 6:00pm. **just picture those little fat cells storing away and snuggling in for a long nights rest**

TRY THIS: Push a good amount of those evening calories into the earlier part of your day.

Tuesday, August 11

What's the Hang-up?...and FIT TIP (#36)

The treepee...

Part tent, part trampoline,
total fun.
I think I want one.

FIT TIP (#36): Maximize Your Muscles

Muscles are fat-burning furnaces. Be sure to do enough resistance training to build & maintain them. **at least 20 minutes 3 times a week**

Friday, August 7

Believe It or Not...and FIT TIP (#35)

Can't believe it's already Friday...again!

Can't believe August has been here for a week!

Can't believe I stepped in dog poop this morning **with my right bare foot, no less!**

Can't believe after filling my cart w/yummy ingredients **including this sweet basil plant** for a pesto/pasta recipe, I came across this box...promising the same thing...for a fraction of the cost.

Can't believe I threw a few of the boxes in my cart. **for a quick side dish, when needed** But, plan on fixing the real thing this weekend.

FIT TIP (#35): Shower Stretching
The act of stretching will help release stored tension and enable you to start **or finish** the day feeling more relaxed, at peace, and ready to handle what comes your way.
Warm water loosens up muscles, making it easier to get good stretches.

Sunday, August 2

Sit a Spell...and FIT TIP (#34)

My little chairs...

are missing my little people.

Me too!

FIT TIP (#34): Healthy Toppings
Many condiments can spice up your cuisine without adding calories, and in some cases, they even accelerate weight loss.
Eight healthy favorites:
**Yogurt--plain, nonfat
**Hot Sauce
**Soy Sauce