Wednesday, April 18

Something Similar...and FIT TIP (#159)

I don't consider myself a copycat, BUTI often see or hear an idea that I am inspired and/or motivated by.

Sometimes I just enjoy and appreciate the "idea".
Sometimes I take the "idea" and tweak it and make it my own.

I love the above image. I really doubt I will be throwing a dinner party on a trailer in a field...but I am entertained and inspired by such creativity.

This image changed the wayI wear my "boyfriend jeans".
With items from my closet I was able to semi-copy the bottom image.
I don't have a polka-dot sweater **yet** so grabbed a fun substitute,
lots of gold bracelets (love)
and similar pumps, blouse, jacket and purse.

I have a rustic cake standand you can bet I will be frosting and topping a cake in a comparable fashion in the near future. I find the simplicity so appealing.

Being knee-deep in bloomsfirst attracted me to this image. And then I realized
I should invest in a white, cotton sundress
since I already have a collection of little sweaters...
a few even with little white buttons. Tweak, tweak!

As I am now knee-deep in the whole newlywed decorating process, I have become slightly obsessed with incorporating LIVE PLANTS.

FIT TIP (159): Ahhxygen...Live Well in Your Home
According to a NASA study, household plants have been shown to:
~remove toxins from the air
~increase energy and health
~reduce noise
Place 10-15 plants around your home for optimum health benefits.

Words for the Week

Sunday, April 8

Easter Honey, Not Bunny...and FIT TIP (#158)

My Easter Honey---not bunnyhonored my request:

Please, no Easter candy to sabotage my fitness efforts.
**Skinny Cow Ice Cream products are not Easter candy**

I was presented with a pair of oh-so-comfy **and cute** running shoes
and a beautiful LIVE plant in the perfect pot.
**more on my new obsession of decorating with living plants next post**

Since I can't be hiding eggs for the grands to search out **they are celebrating in Texas, Delaware and Germany** I'll hang with my Easter Honey, not bunny. Fun, fun!

On this gorgeous Easter Sunday
I am grateful for the knowledge thatmy Savior and Redeemer lives!


FIT TIP (#158): Calories Defined

Words for the Week