Thursday, September 30

What's a Little Snuggle...

between friends?
Airline "friends", that is!

Was it something I said?

Returning from east Texas on Saturday, I had to switch planes in Albuquerque.
Not only were there Phoenix-bound passengers boarding, but also some travelers headed to El way of Phoenix **go figure**.

I spied the perfect aisle seat to take an hour's nap...middle seat empty, window seat occupant engrossed in a novel.
I took my place, got comfy and avoided eye-contact with those still seat-searching...

...thank you Southwest Airlines for letting my bags fly free, but unassigned seating is a tad bit stressful right about now...

tap-tap-tap on my shoulder.
MAP (male airline passenger) inquiring about availability of empty middle seat and asked if he could just SCOOT in.
MAP was carrying Muscle Magazine and looked as if he could be on the cover himself.
MAP scooting into middle seat was not going to be easy or comfy for the 3 of us involved.
I asked if MAP would be deplaning in Phoenix and when he said "yes" I told him I was too, and so to make things easier I would just scoot to middle seat.

That makes perfect sense, right?
MAP not having to crawl over me, and then me not having to crawl over MAP in Phoenix.

He thanked me and we small-talked a little bit.
The next thing I know, MAP is pushing up the armrest that divides our personal space and leans in **toward me**.
He then asks the flight attendant if there is a blanket.
No blankets, thank goodness.
But at that point, as he's getting comfy **in my space** I'm thinking WHAT THE HECK?

I quit conversing with MAP, scooted closer to window seat lady **who seemed amused by the situation** and faked sleep for the rest of the flight.

Why do I find myself in these situations?
Do I smile too much?
Am I too friendly?

At least it's entertaining for my friends and family!

Happy October Eve!

Wednesday, September 22

Unmentionable Mentions...and FIT TIP (#104)

But first...Dear Autumn,

Welcome! Thank you for your much anticipated arrival.
Please make yourself comfortable and stay a while.

Met sister #2 for lunch and this was in the parking lot.
I believe in doing my part for the environment, BUT
I will not be wearing your old bras.
You can have mine if you want, BUT
I don't want yours. Thankyouverymuch!

Adios! Hoff...ewww
You were voted off! Nice try, BUT
can't say your departure saddens me.

FIT TIP (#104): It's About Time!

Tuesday, September 14

Some Things You Just Know...and FIT TIP (#103)

Um, no thanks!

Spaghetti & Cheese Ice Cream
I'm an ice cream lover...not interested in this at all.

Designer Bandages, breakfast style
**please note, free toy inside!

Thank goodness "boyfriend" is fashion savvy and would never, ever!
I LOVE a little bit of animal print **in my home & wardrobe** but this is not a good look...not at all.

No matter how convenient this may seem
or how hungry I may become...absolutely not, uh-uh no way.
Not one bit appealing.

FIT TIP (#103): Exercise on the Brain
Visual cues are a wake-up call to your brain. Workout sessions have competing priorities like work, family, chores. Sometimes we need a reminder to keep exercise at the forefront.
A few tricks of highly effective exercisers:
~~Set out exercise clothes/shoes in plain sight before you go to bed.
~~Strategically place a yoga mat, jump rope, etc. as an active reminder.

Wednesday, September 8

One Ring...and FIT TIP (#102)

At the end of the day

one ring says it all.

I have a boyfriend.
The dictionary has confirmed it.
**Mr. R, "someone", and the same**

a frequent or favorite male companion; beau.


Yup, that's him. I have a boyfriend, BUT
sometimes it feels/sounds funny using that particular word.

Why? Because it brings to mind teenagers, BUT
guess what?

He was my boyfriend when we were teenagers.
Awesome, right?

It really is a cool story...some say "Oprah worthy"...hehe.
I will spare most of the details, BUT
will share "one ring".

When I was 18 and he was 19, he left on a two-year journey. **missionary for our church** Boyfriend came up with an idea...each night he would dial my number, let the phone ring once and hang up. I would then dial his number, let the phone ring once and hang up.

One ring = good night, I love you.

**I may or may not have had a little help from my family returning the "one ring" some nights. I mean really, how many 18 year-old girls are home each night between 9 and 10?**

Fast forward. After many **like a lot** years, our paths once again crossed and he is once again my boyfriend. Ahhhhhh!... it's okay, you can say it out loud, everyone does. Now we spend lots of time together, BUT
at the end of the day,
he still sends "one ring" my way!

FIT TIP (#102): Beat the Clock
Spend less time **about 20 to 30 seconds** resting between sets at he beginning of your workout when your muscles aren't exhausted, and more time **40 to 60 seconds** as they become fatigued.

This method, known as density training, can cut the time you spend working out by as much as 15 to 20 percent. It also forces your muscles to work harder while improving your endurance at the same time.

Thursday, September 2

Who am I Kidding?...and FIT TIP (#101)

Autumn doesn't officially arrive
until 3 weeks from today.
But September has arrived and I'm already thinking of


I absolutely LOVE this time of year.
Here are a few of my plans...

How cute are these?

Ahhhhh, I can almost feel the leaves changing as I type!

FIT TIP (#101): Little Changes = Big Results
Little changes to your current eating style, like downsizing portions and preparing foods differently, can add up to big results.

Think about the foods you can -and can't- live without, then try to work your diet around them.

Don't give up your favorite'll inevitably feel deprived, which will only make your cravings stronger and your willpower weaker.

Happy Birthday you!