Friday, April 26

Cha Cha Changes

Boxes, boxes and more boxes around here.
Taking a break from bubble wrap and packing tape to share some excitement.
One, two, three...

One--I quit my job.  I had been debating it for a while,
and it totally made sense when:

Two--Handsome Husband (with my full support) accepted a
(woot woot) position at company headquarters, and so...

Three--We sold our the first people who came
through...before the For Sale sign even went up! 

(We are keeping our other desert home so we
can become snowbirds.  Yup, I just typed that!)

We are excited.

I will miss living so close to all 4 of my sisters...
but a little distance won't come between us.
It never has.  It never will.  Believe me!  
And, when HH travels to the Valley of the Sun
I will definitely accompany him!

Even though the company is "moving" us,
I/we are packing ourselves up.  That's just
how I/we roll.  You know, the 3 pile thing.
Keep, Toss, Give

We will be:
--so much closer to our Delaware dudes
--enjoying the great outdoors this summer
--living in a company condo during:
--house hunting...I would love an old, restored
   house with lots of character etc.

Feel free to follow me on instagram
as I document our journey
(we will be driving, because we have
an old, big, black dog)
and the house's going to be
EXCITING.  Have I said that?
And FUN.

Sorry...No FIT TIP and no Words for the Week--
Blame it on the boxes!

Tuesday, April 2

In the Air...and FIT TIP (#191)

Spring is in the air. 
I smell it.  I feel it.  I love it.

Change is also in the air.
I smell it.  I feel it.  I love it.

I'm more than a little excited.
If you talk to me weekly
you probably know.

If not,
check back soon...
we (HH & I) have some news.

FIT TIP (#191): Give it All You've Got

Words for the Week