Wednesday, June 30

Almost Gone...and FIT TIP (#92)

adios June.
It was **mostly** nice knowing you!
Love this image so much.
Reminds me of the girl, back in the day.

Her bike was a different brand...
she spent **a bit of** every summer day on it.

The dog was a different breed...
she took him along on **many of** her adventures.

She swam almost daily...
in the pool, not the ocean. AND

She rarely took NO for an answer...
she still doesn't :)

FIT TIP (#92): Chomp Away Cravings
Chewing gum after lunch can curb hunger, a recent study shows. But pick your stick carefully. Ingesting too much sorbitol, a common ingredient in sugar-free gum, can cause diarrhea and/or abdominal pain **YIKES**.

Try: Ice Breakers **sorbitol-free** Ice Cubes White sugar-free gum.

Tuesday, June 22

Just WONDERING...and FIT TIP (#91)

not to be confused with WANDERING...
then I may possibly end up here:

Divine. Don't you think?

But because today I WONDER instead of WANDER...

I end up here...

--why would anyone take a perfectly good chocolate shake and add a banana to it?

--why do I end up behind drivers who insist on traveling well below the speed limit? Which then makes me WONDER:

--what's my hurry?

--why did it take Jake & Vienna so long to break up? And then I WONDER:

--why are Brooks & Dunn breaking up?

--why do some kids not say "Please" "Thank you" "I'm sorry"?...were they never taught?...or are they just brats? Do they say "I love you"?

--why do some kids say "Thank you" for simple things and "I love you" for no reason?

--how is it that we can tell when someone is looking at us even when our eyes are closed?...

--and how come that makes me smile?

Just a few things that have me WONDERING instead of WANDERING this second day of summer.

We can make our legs appear longer by wearing pants that have a straight, narrow cut.
Shoes with peekaboo toes also extend the leg line, as do skirts that hit two inches above the knee.

Monday, June 14

Smarty Pants...and FIT TIP (#90)

Sometimes I think I'm smart.

I'd rather be wise.

FIT TIP (#90): Juice Your Looks
A diet rich in vitamin C and linoleic acid can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dryness, and thinning skin, according to Fitness magazine. Please pass the o.j.!

Monday, June 7

Summer Sustenance...and FIT TIP (#89)

I like the word SUSTENANCE. **since Legally Blonde**
Kendal & I use it...frequently.

I also like the name TUTTI. **since 4th grade**
Something to do with a cat and doll clothes.
Plus, it's fun to say.

And OLIVES. I really like olives.

I share...

Tutti's Olive & Noodle Salad

-Pasta **of your choice**
-6 oz. black olives
-clove of garlic
-drizzle of hot chili oil **love this**
-pinch of red chili flakes
-1 Tbs. olive oil
-sea salt & pepper

Cook pasta until al dente. Drain and rinse w/cold water until chilled.

In food processor, mix remaining ingredients into pesto consistency.

Toss into pasta & refrigerate until served.

A wonderfully surprising fit tip. **Rachel will LOVE this**

FIT TIP (#89): Best Post-Workout Drink
New research **recently presented at the American College of Sports Medicine conference** suggests that drinking nonfat chocolate milk is better for recovery after a workout than carbohydrate-only sports drinks.

Chocolate milk can help your body preserve, repair and replenish muscle - and improve your performance the next time you work out.

Tuesday, June 1

May is but a Memory...and FIT TIP (#88)

Spent the last few days of the month

in the great outdoors.
Which may surprise some of you.
It was beautiful. It was fun.
**images not from my experience**

Good-bye May!

There are plenty of good reasons fitness routines get derailed. Whatever the reason, it's hard to get back on once you get off track. Once the "roadblock" is identified it's easier to get passed it.

Top Five Excuses:
1. "I was bored so I..."
2. "I was swamped so I..."
3. "I was injured so I..."
4. "I had a baby so I..."
5. "I was a beginner so I..."

I have identified mine. Hint: NOT number 3, 4 or 5. Now...a plan to overcome!