Wednesday, July 29

It's Such a Dirty Word

If you have a laundry room...
can you still use a laundry bag?

Could this **from India Rose**be any cuter?
Tuxedo ruffles and a drawstring!

**I'm just saying**
If I had to leave home to do laundry,
this would go with me.

P.S. No smart remarks from those of you with 5 kids, who do laundry all day long :)

Saturday, July 25

There's a New Bob in Town...and FIT TIP (#33)

salad kaBOB

**layer salad on a skewer, drizzle your fave dressing**
Such a fun way to fix, serve, and eat a summer salad!

Yummy option: Chicken Cobb KaBOB
Nice ring to it, huh?
**sorry, didn't get a picture...was so cute and colorful**

romaine lettuce
avocado chunks
grilled chicken pieces
cherry tomatoes
hard-cooked egg wedges **Lee and Lynds favorite**

blue cheese dressing

crumbled bacon

FIT TIP (#33): Sap or Save?
Surround yourself with green **living** plants both at home and in the office to help break down radiation coming from computers and televisions. The extra oxygen plants produce is an added energy saver.

Monday, July 20

Sometimes I ALMOST Forget...and FIT TIP (#32)

When I glance out a window...

and observe palm fronds and flowery bushes
swaying to and fro-
rustled from their stillness
by summer breezes,

I ALMOST forget.

Then I open the door and REMEMBER that it is ALMOST 110 degrees out the Valley of the Sun.

FIT TIP (#32): Hoop it Up!
What is one of the cheapest **and most fun** pieces of exercise equipment you can buy?
A Hula Hoop!
For maximum weight loss results, use the hoop in short bursts of two minutes each.
Incorporate the hoop into a circuit routine for energetic cardio segments, or
TRY THIS: Hoop during the commercials of your favorite tv show. **about 22 minutes per one hour program**

Wednesday, July 15

I Scream, You Scream...and FIT TIP (#31)

We all scream for ICE CREAM... Always on the look-out
for ways to put my collection of
to good use.
I am so going to try this.
**thank you Country Living**

Introducing my most recent summertime obsession:

Two words: creamy coconut
Two more words: deliriously delightful
**yes, they come in other flavors, but why?**

FIT TIP (#31): Simple and Consistent
"It's not how much you do, but that you do it, and on a regular basis. Consistency is the key. You will see results over time if you exercise consistently."
--Kathy Kaeler, fitness consultant to the stars

Saturday, July 11

What's On My Head?...and FIT TIP (#30)

**wearing daddy's hat and...
hotel's shower cap**


**stylin' bandanna...
and flowery headband**


**donning a fireman's hat...
and CC's beach hat, sideways**

I more than love and adore these three!

FIT TIP (#30): At Home Workouts:
**So handy...ignore the ringing phone and urge to switch laundry loads!
**Can target all fitness levels!
**Are great time and money savers!
**Can be performed sans makeup!
A few of my personal favorites.

Tuesday, July 7

California Dreamin'...and FIT TIP (#29)

Fourth fun in San Diego.
Lil dude loved every minute--
sun, surf and sand.
We all did.

FIT TIP (#29): Summer Exercise Safety
**first & foremost---hydrate**
**monitor heart rate---avoid distress**
**avoid outdoors in the high heat of the day**
**wear poly-cotton fiber blends--perspiration evaporation**
**use sunscreen and a hat--even on cloudy days**