Friday, June 22

Thank Green for No Gray...and FIT TIP (#164)

I kind of love spinach.  I pretty much consume it on a daily basis.  Yesterday I ran out and so...

I dashed to the market and grabbed 2 large containers of different varieties and as I proceeded to checkout
a kind lady grabbed my arm and asked what I was planning on doing with "all that spinach".  Ummm, eat it?

Yes, I explained that I throw a large handful (or 2) into my breakfast smoothies.  I also use it as a "base" for fun dinner salads, and pile it on most sandwiches...generously.  Popeye's got nothing on me.

That's when she made a very interesting comment...she very matter-of-factly told me that's why I don't have any gray hair.  Spinach consumption.  You said it lady...that's it :)  

FIT TIP (#164): 5 Ways to Reduce Stress 
Get up 15 minutes earlier
Prepare for the morning the night before. 
Don't rely on your memory...write things down.. 
Make duplicate keys. 
Avoid negative people.

Tuesday, June 12

A Little or a Lot...and FIT TIP (#163)

Some days I like a little bit of chocolate...and some days I like a lot!
Admit want a little  **or a lot**  chocolate right now!

FIT TIP (#163):  Instead of Chocolate...

Words for the Week  

Wednesday, June 6

Spell it Out...and FIT TIP (#162)

We (HH and I) believe in love notes.
One day, while having a decorating convo with HH (Handsome Husband) I mentioned that I wanted a chalkboard...and I had the perfect frame and the perfect spot **a small hallway off the kitchen** for it to hang.  I loved the idea of having a spot for us to leave love notes for each other.

The next thing I knew, HH **which also stands for Handy Husband** had not only transformed my frame into a blackboard, but also left the first note. **don't you love his handwriting?**

It's much bigger than it appears above...and there's the perfect notch on the top of the frame for chalk.

Love, love, love notes!

FIT TIP (#162): Good **and cheap**  Medicine

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