Thursday, September 27

Alfresco Autumn...and FIT TIP (#172)

Along with Autumn,
alfresco dining season has finally arrived

here in the Valley of the Sun.

While many elsewhere, are focusing on sweaters
and soups

HH and I are looking forward
to "taking" our evening meals
out by the pool, under the stars.

Below are some of the dining delights
I have in mind
for upcoming Autumn evenings.

FIT TIP (172):  Strive to Live in the Moment

Words for the Week


Thursday, September 20

Note to Self...and FIT TIP (#171) in Every Single Time
take a quick rear view glance in the mirror before exiting a public restroom

to insure the back of skirt is where it should be!
Yes, today I failed to do so!  Although my experience wasn't quite as drastic as the above image...
it was not good.
Catastrophe was averted, because I realized things weren't quite right before "going public".
 FIT TIP (171): Five Face Foods
**the face of our cute little Tru**

Feed your face with these beauty-enhancing foods for better skin health:
---Cottage Cheese
---Acerola Cherries

Words for the Week

Wednesday, September 12

Love and Adoration...and FIT TIP (#170)

I simply love and adore
these 7...
and have given each set a nickname.

My Utah/Euro Brownies
Chloe and Tru

My Little Delaware Dudes
Gavin and Holden

 My Little Texans
Stone, Emerson and Knox

 I love that one of the first songs they learn
to sing is
I Am A Child Of God.

I love that they are learning to offer
blessings of thanks before
they eat.

I love that they are learning to
kneel at their beds
to pray to their Heavenly Father.

I love that they are encouraged in
their creativity.

I love that they each have a hands-on daddy
who takes time to teach them
all kinds of awesome things...

and that each has a beautiful mommy
to teach and nurture them each and every day...
and to encourage them in their
talents and dreams. 

FIT TIP (#170):

Words for the Week