Tuesday, March 26

Easily Entertained...and FIT TIP (#190)

What's better than happy, excited, little munchkins?
Very few things, right?  Fun rides at Freestone Park,
if you live in the (east) Valley of the Sun and
you have little visitors, will do it.
Just ask Emerson.

A few other things that are guaranteed to bring smiles
and excitement to kids of all ages:

Are you a Peeps fan?  If so, can you spare a few for entertainment's sake?

If you're not a lover of Peeps (raising my hand here)
this is the perfect solutions for the colorful little treats!
Hilarious.  Must Try.

Glow Fun...for outdoor evenings!
Homemade Glow (stick) Bottle
Leave 1/4 of the Mt. Dew in the bottle (after you drink 3/4)
add a little bit of baking soda and
3 caps of peroxide.
Put lid on tight and shake.

Yes, I am easily entertained/amused. 
I like that about myself.

FIT TIP (#190): WAKE UP at the same time every morning
it stabilizes your circadian rhythm, increases productivity, and puts you in a calm and centered state.

Words for the Week

Friday, March 22

the Birds and the Bees...and FIT TIP (#189)

Our citrus is in full bloom these days
in the Valley of the Sun.  It is glorious!
Every spare moment, we can be found in the backyard.

On one such Saturday afternoon
(about a month ago)
HH was tinkering around with pool
equipment and shrubbery etc.
and I was swinging in the hammock...

observing the birds drinking from
the fountain at the pool's edge
and the bees taking advantage of our
lemon trees.  Daydreaming.

Amid his "yard tinkering" HH swooped
down to smooch me, and as we were
flirting etc. I realized his wedding band
was MIA.  He was shocked...me too.

Not normal for HH.  He never, ever
takes it off.  We were both a bit stunned.
As we recovered, we started a mad search.

We scoured the backyard, and then
scoured it again.  No luck.
We then went on a different search...
hunting for a similar band of gold.
No luck with that either.

We left town for a week and HH kept
mentioning how strange it felt to not have
his wedding ring on.  We determined we
would find a replacement, once home.

We looked for something similar. 
No luck.
Then our Texans showed up and there
was no time for jewelry shopping,
but plenty of time for backyard-enjoying.

As I was swimming and playing with
the little Texans, HH was once again
tinkering among pool equipment and
once again swooped over for a smooch
and guess what?

His wedding band, the original---
was right where it belonged,
on his left hand.  Recovered!
I whooped and giggled and then
we sealed the deal with a kiss.

Ahhh, to Springtime and
the Birds and the Bees!

Have a magnificent weekend!

FIT TIP (#189):  Lemon Love

Words for the Week

Sunday, March 10

Twist of a Knob...and FIT TIP (#188)

Whenever under the same roof as any of my grands
my mornings start gloriously.
With the twist of a doorknob
sweet, little, happy faces
peer in to see if their CC is awake!

Without hesitation (no matter the hour)
I wave them in and they waste no time.
We cuddle, sing, giggle, discuss all kinds
of important things, and make plans. 
We connect.

I love that they search me out first thing!!!
Such a great way to begin the day.

Last week in Delaware
with the above cuties and HH...

celebrating our anniversary.  I am one lucky Mrs.

We had a blast with our J. Brown crew.
Hope to see them again soon!!!

FIT TIP (#188):  Attitude...take it from Jack!

Words for the Week