Tuesday, March 26

Easily Entertained...and FIT TIP (#190)

What's better than happy, excited, little munchkins?
Very few things, right?  Fun rides at Freestone Park,
if you live in the (east) Valley of the Sun and
you have little visitors, will do it.
Just ask Emerson.

A few other things that are guaranteed to bring smiles
and excitement to kids of all ages:

Are you a Peeps fan?  If so, can you spare a few for entertainment's sake?

If you're not a lover of Peeps (raising my hand here)
this is the perfect solutions for the colorful little treats!
Hilarious.  Must Try.

Glow Fun...for outdoor evenings!
Homemade Glow (stick) Bottle
Leave 1/4 of the Mt. Dew in the bottle (after you drink 3/4)
add a little bit of baking soda and
3 caps of peroxide.
Put lid on tight and shake.

Yes, I am easily entertained/amused. 
I like that about myself.

FIT TIP (#190): WAKE UP at the same time every morning
it stabilizes your circadian rhythm, increases productivity, and puts you in a calm and centered state.

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The Jessups said...

We had so much fun!! Need to try both the peeps and the glow bottle! My kids will be in heaven.