Sunday, March 10

Twist of a Knob...and FIT TIP (#188)

Whenever under the same roof as any of my grands
my mornings start gloriously.
With the twist of a doorknob
sweet, little, happy faces
peer in to see if their CC is awake!

Without hesitation (no matter the hour)
I wave them in and they waste no time.
We cuddle, sing, giggle, discuss all kinds
of important things, and make plans. 
We connect.

I love that they search me out first thing!!!
Such a great way to begin the day.

Last week in Delaware
with the above cuties and HH...

celebrating our anniversary.  I am one lucky Mrs.

We had a blast with our J. Brown crew.
Hope to see them again soon!!!

FIT TIP (#188):  Attitude...take it from Jack!

Words for the Week


The Jessups said...

Love all the pics!! And yes, the kids love to find CC, or shall I say "Ceese", first thing in the morn! Those Delaware dudes are SO stinkin' cute!

Jerlyn said...

I love that you welcome them in, no matter the hour. These precious grandkids of yours are so lucky to have you. I love that you cherish them! Love the quote on circumstances. It is true ... Our attitudes definitely determine so much. Thanks for the reminder.