Saturday, June 27

Let It Ring!


Independence Day approaches...
Are you discouraged and/or frustrated
with the direction things are going?
go here

Came across the "Restless Patriot" today-
Feel the need to share!

P.S. Made my "freedom banner" with 39 cent flags from the craft store and a spool of fantastic vintage ribbon.

Wednesday, June 24

Summer Sippin'...and FIT TIPPIN' (#28)

Had a friend over for drinks the other night.
We are non-alcoholic drinkers.

Delightfully refreshing on a warm summer's night!

lime and cucumber spritzer
24 ounces club soda
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1 cucumber, thinly sliced
**in pitcher, combine soda, lime juice and cucumber...serve over ice**

strawberry lemonade fizz
6 strawberries, sliced
sprinkle of sugar
pink lemonade
seltzer or club soda
**lightly mash strawberries and sugar in bottom of pitcher...fill pitcher 2/3 with lemonade and the remainder with seltzer or soda...stir lightly to mix**

FIT TIP (#28): (Grocery) Shopping for Success
To keep calories under control, have a variety of choices at hand. Shop with a mission and never enter a grocery store hungry. Additional shopping strategies:
~Plan your meals and snacks.
~Make a list.
~Shop with focus.
~Avoid danger zones.
~Never shop with kids.
~Skip impulse buys.

Saturday, June 20

Ties that Bind

Happy the men I most admire.
They are dedicated to **various stages of ** FATHERHOOD.

" patient with your children. Don't indulge them to excess, for they must learn to make their own way in the world.

I would encourage you to be available to man, as death approaches, has ever declared that he wished he had spent more time at the office."
--Thomas S. Monson

I am grateful everyday for a father who always took an interest in me and my life. I am grateful for men who have touched the lives of my children in a positive way. I am grateful for the men Stone, Chloe and Gavin call daddy.
Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 16

Gone Glamping?...and FIT TIP (#27)

Today's forecast: **Glorious June!**
Abundant sunshine.
High 92 F. Winds S @ 10 to 15 mph.

Country Living photo

I could go glamping here.
**notice the hammock**

Real camping **versus glamping** trip fast approaching.
Need to I in or out?
And, will there be a hammock?

FIT TIP (#27): "The best athletics of all are those that not only exercise the body but are able to please the spirit." --Greek philosopher and physician

Thursday, June 11

Made a Choice...and FIT TIP (#26)

Press snooze **which I never do** and dream a little longer.
Press it again.
Yes, the dream was that good!

Was then necessary to make another choice:
Wash hair or shave legs...
**shhhh, don't tell**
Which would you choose?
I need smooth legs.
**my hair only got on my nerves a few times**
So worth it!

FIT TIP (#26): Stand Tall (standing posture tips)
~Keep your weight on the balls of your feet, not your heels
~Let your arms hang naturally by your side...palms facing in, not back
~Keep feet about shoulder-width apart
~Don't lock your knees
~Keep your head level, in line with neck and spine
~Keep your shoulders upright and stand up straight.

Saturday, June 6

Turn Right...and FIT TIP (#25)

"When you get to the fountain, turn right."
Right after I snap this picture.
Lovely, isn't it?
Enjoying June in the Valley of the Sun!

FIT TIP (#25): Up with Fiber
Food with fiber is harder to digest, requiring more calories to be used for digestion and less to be absorbed. According to a Tufts University study, if women doubled their daily fiber intake to 24 grams (the ADA recommendation) they would absorb 90 fewer calories every day. **this single change alone could amount to a 9 pound weight loss in one year**

Coming soon...guest fit tipper!