Thursday, June 30

One-Third Gone...and FIT TIP (#137)

Where did you go, June?

One minute you were here...
and the next you were gone!

To me summer is June, July and August.
Official "begin of season" dates mean nothing to me.
So, you know what that means?
Summer is one-third over.
**although the heat remains, here in the Valley of the Sun, long after August's exit**

I have a handful of SUMMER CRUSHES...
and it's thanks to them that summer seems
to be clipping along at such a ferocious pace.
I would share them right now,
but I'm off to give July a proper welcome!

Next post, I promise, I will give introductions!!!

**and because I eat out a lot...some tricks for cutting calories when doing so**
FIT TIP (#137): Just Ask
Some restaurants offer small side orders, despite the fact that they're not actually listed on the main menu. Also consider: ordering from the child's menu, bringing half your entree home (or share your entree), or eating an appetizer for your main course.

Words for the Week

Words for the Week

Thursday, June 2

Sum Sum Summertime!...and FIT TIP (#136)

Summer has unofficially begun.
And I've officially become a blog slacker...oops.

I came across this today...
That pretty much sums up my first week of June.

FIT TIP (#136): Flick on the Lights
The dimmer the room, the more you'll eat. Why? One theory is that low lights make you feel more relaxed and less self-conscious. On the flip side, research suggests that the brighter your dining area, the less food you'll likely consume.

Try this: Adjust the lighting in places where you eat most often.

Words for the Week

Words for the Week