Saturday, August 30

Signed, Sealed, Delivered. It's Mine!

Closed escrow on the house this week. I'm thrilled! Pictures coming soon for my peeps in Utah and Texas. I will be spending most of this long weekend packing. Fun, huh? I will definitely be taking breaks to enjoy this last weekend of August...can you believe it? Swoooosh, where did it go? Have a great one!

Monday, August 25

Walk a Mile in My Shoes...

Oh wait...on second thought, please take your foot out of my shoe!

What the heck? I love you TJ (as in Maxx) but after two strange shopping experiences in a row, I am officially taking a self-imposed (and probably short) break from you.

Why? Here's how it went down. I am in the shoe section and spy a great pair just my size...and you know, at TJ's that's not always the case. I kick off my right shoe. I don't kick it far. It is on the floor, still in my personal space. I put the "new" shoe on my right foot and turn to my left to take a few steps...make sure it feels good. I turn again to return to my starting position, and...

What do I see, but a total stranger attempting to shove her right (bigger than my) foot into my right shoe. The one I turned my back on. I am a bit thrown off. I admit it. "Excuse me, that's my shoe." She replies, "I know, I like it. Where did you get them?" I felt like saying...

Who do you think you are? And, why is it necessary to put on my shoe to ask that question? But I didn't. I was polite. I think I even smiled. "Texas." That is where I got them. And the only thing that made me feel a little better as she removed her foot from my shoe, was that it appeared to be a clean, freshly pedicured foot.

Where did I go after I got my shoe back? Home...straight home. I did not pass GO. I did not collect $200. I went home and sipped a diet Coke while I put my feet up on the ottoman and admired my own Texas shoes!

And yes, I know, that is my left shoe in the photo :)

Thursday, August 21

A Boy, then a Girl, and now a...

A boy, Stone--thanks to Kendal & Cliff. Isn't he delightful? He's always on the move...doesn't want to miss a thing! He's such a happy little guy and gives such good hugs and kisses. And...
then a girl, Chloe--thanks to Tanner & Charee. Isn't she yummy? She is always smiling and has the cutest dimples! She also has a sweet, deep voice and loves to jabber...and I love to listen!...

*************at our 4th of July celebration

and now...another BOY!!!--thanks to Jordan & Rachel. BBB (Baby Boy Brown) is scheduled to arrive soon after Christmas. I can hardly wait. I just love and adore these little ones!...and their parents!

Tuesday, August 19

I Love You More Today than Yesterday

YESTERDAY---A few days ago I found this vintage male shirt form at an antique mall. I had a blast performing a MANnequin makeover. The stand that "he" came with is what caught my eye initially...I just loved it.

TODAY---I love it even more! Now I just need to find "him" a great vintage tie.

Sunday, August 17

A Balancing Act!

Stone came to visit (from Texas) this week...oh yeah, he brought his parents along! It's always a balancing act when they come to visit. Eating at our favorite places, visiting lots of family, and shopping! This visit we also threw a few more things into the mix...a wedding reception, a walk through my new house, and watching the Olympics!

It's always so entertaining to watch Stone and wonder what's going through his mind as he plays and explores. Why just sit and scoot on the toy car? We watched closely as he slowly and steadily balanced himself to standing position...and then raised his arms in victory (Olympic style)! Ahhh good times.

Oh yeah, the parents!