Monday, November 24

Pathway Home

"Forever on Thanksgiving Day, the heart will find the pathway home." --Wilbur D. Nesbit

I'm so excited. All 3 kids, their 3 spouses, and 3 babies (okay, one in utero, but still!)...making their way "home". The arrivals start today.

These 9, when I count my blessings, are right on top. It's more than love...we really like each other.

I get to smooch on him today.

And her tomorrow. (I love her "Got Milk?" pose)Great news--this little doll and her mommy & daddy are moving to the Valley of the Sun. Lots of smooching ahead!

Friday, November 21

Just Desserts, Twilight & Scarecrows

Nine...p.m. My house. Just Girls. Just Desserts.
We laughed, posed, and ate.
Current #1 album playing in the background. (Thank you, Lor!)
Movie know, the movie.
Then, we sang a song...twice!
Once via phone, for Paul. Once for Leann. She made a wish and blew out candles.
(Hey Lee? Did you wish for cuts in the looooooong movie line, by chance? Nice!) Happy Birthday, Leann! I love you!

Ten...p.m. 5 sisters and 5 nieces load into 2 SUVs.
Missed our girls (Kendal, Charee, Rachel, Ashley & Brittany) that live too far away!
Missed our girls (Kennedy, Reagan, Brittain & Eden) that are too young for such happenings!

Skipped the long lines. Straight to our seats. Two hours of pure fun, until...

Twelve...a.m. The lights went down.
I haven't read the books. I had no expectations. We had already had a blast. Related friends. Entertained.

Three...a.m. Dropped off. Home.

Nine...a.m. Sleepy-eyed. Pulled garbage can to curb. Discovered my neighbors scarecrows are now in my yard instead of theirs. Be afraid very afraid!

***more pics to come --- when I can see through eyes that are not blurred :)

As promised...thanks, Lynds!

Sunday, November 16

Single Sentence Sunday

"It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed." -GOETHE

Tuesday, November 11

Easy, Breezy and Cheesy!

Pesto Pizza

Start to finish: less than 30 fun minutes!

Crust options: I used Jiffy (my first time was quick, easy, cheap and yummy). Papa Murphy's sells a large crust (uncooked) for $2. Or your fave dough.
Toppings: What's your pleasure? (That's the fun part...what do you feel like?)

Preheat oven (450-ish degrees).
Spread dough on greased plate/pan.

***tip: pour small amount of olive oil on plate/pan and pepper the oil. Use your fingers to spread the peppered oil, and then use your greasy fingers to spread the dough. This way the dough won't stick to your fingers!***

Distribute desired amount of pesto directly on dough. (I used garlic/basil)
Add your choice of meat.
(I used sliced Canadian bacon, Kendal used a shredded chicken and alfredo sauce mixture over tomato/basil pesto)
Sprinkle grated cheese. (I used a shredded pizza blend)
Add other chosen toppings. (I used sweet red roasted peppers and sliced red/purple onions)
Apply light sprinkling of olive oil.
Bake 15-18 minutes.

And the an authentic pizzeria...YUM!

When the kids are here later this month, each couple can CREATE one. A gourmet pizza party. The possibilities are endless. So, start thinking, kiddos!

Sunday, November 9

Fast Sunday, or Slow Sunday?

I love my new ward!

Last week was Stake Conference, so...
today was Fast Sunday.

I think my stomach growled during R.S.
It could have been someone elses. I honestly couldn't tell. I heard it, but didn't feel it, ya know?

My new friends pretended not to hear.
So did I. Just in case it was theirs and not mine.

Another Sunday, when this boy (Tanner) was 4, we were rushing from the parking lot to the chapel, hoping to not be late.

"Mom, is today Fast Sunday or Slow Sunday?"

Hmmmm, good FHE topic for the next night :)

Tuesday, November 4

My Day in Court

I was summoned.
Jury Duty.
I know the drill.
Showed up at the appointed time.
Filled out paper work, watched a video.
Assigned a number. Ten.
Filed into a courtroom.
Answered questions out loud.
Learned way too much about 53 strangers.
Number 11, sitting right next to me, has a half-brother serving time for murder. I tried not to flinch. As requested by the court, several others shared about their family members "convictions".
They know a bit about me too. They know that I am related to attorneys.
I'm pretty sure that's why I was thanked and excused (after several hours) happens every time!