Saturday, March 31

Have You Heard?...and FIT TIP (#157)

If you poke uncooked spaghetti
into portions of uncooked hot dogs and boil

you get "shaggy dogs"
and kids love them!!!

Sleeping in your hammock
just go easier

thanks to Grandtrunk.

The Quaker Oats man
has a nickname (Larry)

and just lost 5 pounds (his double chin)
and received a slight haircut.

FIT TIP (#157): A Foodie's Best Friend
is being referred to as "the Cadillac of cancer-fighting foods" as studies reveal it may reduce breast cancer risk, along with providing many other nutritional benefits. These peppery-tasting greens are a natural diuretic with more iron per serving than spinach and only 4 calories per cup.
Try this: Add watercress to your favorite pasta salads...yummmm!

Words for the Week

Friday, March 23

Desert Discovery...and FIT TIP (#156)

As opposed to Dessert Discovery. That's another post!

I am a desert ratand spent the afternoon here.

Best. Arizona. Park. Ever. So many options: trails to hike/walk, bike and run.
Places to picnic, fish, play and relax.
**and it's so close to our home**
So, instead of spending my afternoon with paint chips & fabric swatches
**as I'd originally planned**

I spent it with himand some of his friends.
**HH (handsome husband) totally supported my change of plans...he's cool like that**

The decorating choices can wait a bit,
because these gorgeous AZ spring days are numbered!

Oh, and the sage-y smell of this desert oasis...glorious!
**right up there with the orange blossom scent
also going on now, in the Valley of the Sun**

FIT TIP (#156): Diets...Rarely End Well

Words for the Week

Monday, March 12

Honeymooners...and FIT TIP (#155)

"Whatcha looking for, handsome husband?"**we loved the Cayman Islands...and hope to return**

And because you he is!

Excuse the swimsuit shot, but we were headed to the beach, after spending an awesome morning at the Mayan Ruins.

After a wonderful week in paradise, we may be home...
but the honeymoon is not over!
This is fun, people!
We still have a lot to do, as far a getting settled goes,
but it's fun.

We meet for lunch almost everyday...because going 8 hours
without each other just doesn't seem to make sense!
Then I head home **or to TJ Maxx**
and continue to nest--unpack, decorate, etc.

I still have my job...because I really like it.
But now I only work mornings.
It seems a better fit for our day-to-day

FIT TIP (#155): Head Off Headaches
by eating:
Fish and fish oil lower the production of prostaglandin, a chemical that causes inflammation and pain.
--Black Beans
Beans contain riboflavin, a nutrient that has been found to reduce the number of headache days by a least 50% in more than half of sufferers.
--Cayenne Pepper
Capsaicin (the compound that gives cayenne its heat) can ease cluster headaches, probably by destroying a chemical that carries pain messages to the brain.

Words for the Week
{2.22.12} our wedding day